Sanitation Workshop in Code

On Friday (4/6), Project Child Indonesia held a workshop for the community in sanitation and cultural differences in the riverbank of Code (one of the Sekolah Sungai program locations).The event was initiated with general information on sanitation in daily life and ways to improve it so that the locals could live healthily. Then, after discussing cultural differences on sanitation, the workshop was ended by sharing sessions from former hosts.

The workshop aims to prepare the community in accordance with its upcoming agenda to welcome guests from Haarlemmermeer High School, The Netherlands. They are going to stay for two days to live in as locals do. The agenda is projected to be conducted from April 30 to May 1, 2018. There will be around 27 students and 2 teachers for the hosting program. Project Child Indonesia is honored to support the team and connect them with the community in Code river. There will be more of workshops from Project Child Indonesia to help the hosts to tackle differences in cultural aspect.