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Sekolah Sungai Project

Sekolah Sungai is Project Child Indonesia’s pioneer program initiated in 2011. Our co-founders, Ryha and Kiefer, who were university students at the time, wanted to do something good for the community. They started their movement in Kricak, Yogyakarta, one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods located by the riverside. Most of the communities are informal workers earning around $2 a day. This condition makes it difficult for them to provide additional opportunities for their families, living in a susceptible area prone to flooding with limited savings to ensure their wellbeing.

Ryha and Kiefer wanted to provide access to additional skills for the community, starting with sewing and sandal making classes for the women. Each week during classes, the children would become curious to see a foreigner.

This sparked the initial idea to start English classes for children. Kiefer would ask his exchange student friends to start volunteering, which later became a weekly activity in the neighborhood, and the lessons expanded from English to environmental campaigns and natural disaster mitigation.

This idea was later expanded to two riverside neighborhoods in Yogyakarta, namely Code and Winongo, who face a similar socio-economic situation. Our activities also widened to include community development activities depending on the unique needs of each neighborhoodS.

Our Purpose

Sekolah Sungai is our community development initiative that partners with 3 riverside communities (Code, Winongo, and Kricak) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We aim to provide alternative education for children on health, environment, and mindfulness as well as assist the community development through various activities. Overall, we have directly impacted over 2500 students and community members at Sekolah Sungai, with over 5000 indirect beneficiaries.

Activities at Sekolah Sungai

  1. Weekly Classes for Children (English, Mindfulness, Environment, and Health)
  2. Hydroponic Workshop
  3. Pasar Mandiri
  4. Public Kitchen
  5. Online Learning Assistance
  6. Child Ambassador for Tolerance
  7. Bird Watching

Our Future Plans

At our Sekolah Sungai, we will focus on implementing our Mindful Movement Indonesia Program. In 2024, we aim to spread our program to various “Hope Spots” in Indonesia, that are blue spots rich in biodiversity and are still functioning and reserved. We hope that the younger generation can participate actively in managing the existing biodiversity. We aim to involve 100 volunteers and serve 10.000 children by 2024.