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With every Rp. 50.000.000 or $3200 we can conduct volunteer training for 1 year.

Your donation provides Training Sessions and Softskill Upgrading Activities for Youth Volunteers.

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Youth Volunteer Program

Project Child Indonesia believes that “Everyone Can Do Good”. 

We promote the spirit of volunteerism among youth and the international community to make a lasting impact. We recruit youth with a strong commitment and accountability to become professional volunteers through our Internship and Volunteer Program. We are committed to providing opportunities for young people to learn and increase their potential by providing compulsory training, capacity building training, and direct involvement in our projects.

Our Purpose

We believe that youth are the catalyst to create meaningful change in their communities. Project Child Indonesia aims to facilitate their interests and passion through various roles that they can manifest in through an organized act of kindness. Our volunteering program is divided into Internship and Volunteering, where the youth can learn to develop various hard and soft skills to enable them to upskill their capacity and capabilities.

Professional Volunteerism

Project Child Indonesia adheres to a strict Child Protection Policy. All volunteers must undergo mandatory training to enable them to understand child psychology and classroom management. Volunteers are also open to develop more skills through further training, such as Mindfulness, and other training deemed necessary.

We believe that volunteering is a time to build meaningful relationships. Our previous volunteers have started book and movie clubs, and have a place to express their interests and join hobbies with their peers.

Our Impact

Our volunteers come from 18 countries around the world. To date, we have trained over 500 interns and volunteers who joined our cause.

Our Future Plans  

Every year we will recruit 100 volunteers to build a better future for Indonesia. We will provide training and upskilling sessions for the volunteers in order to improve their ability for services. We believe that only through active and effective participation we can understand and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct change. We want to engage youth to be proactive and effective in their contribution to change.Our Impact