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Mindful Movement Indonesia

Mindful Movement Indonesia is a program initiated by Project Child in 2022 that aims to improve human-nature relations and enhance sustainable development education. We take Mindfulness as our core approach to equip future generations with essential life skills to build a safe and healthy environment. 

We are working to reach children and youth from 11 cities in Indonesia by 2025.

Our Purpose

The pandemic has disrupted children’s daily activities and mental wellbeing. Children’s gadget use increased, averaging 11.6 hours per day with 88.99% of user goal is for social media (Luthfia et al., 2021; BPS, 2021). Dependence on gadgets has caused negative effects on children’s mental health, focus and attention span, and the ability to build genuine connection with communities and the natural world.

Our Mindfulness-based approach aims to build children’s awareness through lived experiences and consciousness to the present. 

Studies has shown that Mindfulness can:

1. Enhance individuals’ connection with the natural environment

2. Have positive impacts on students’ well-being, attention, emotional regulation, and academic performance

3. Effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

4. Promote an open and non-judgmental attitude, fostering empathy, compassion, and tolerance towards oneself and others.

“People will only protect what they care about. The act of caring can only develop from an accumulation of lived experiences.”

Our Future Plans

We aim to train 100 volunteers annually and reach 10.000 children in Hope Spots in Indonesia by 2025. “Hope Spots” in Indonesia are blue spots rich in biodiversity and are still functioning and reserved. We hope that the younger generation can participate actively in managing the existing biodiversity.

Our future hope spots will be located in:

Flagship Programs

Yogyakarta – Bandung  – Bali

Sabang – Bukit Lawang – Tanjung Puting – Bira – Wakatobi – Lembata – Banda Neira – Raja Ampat