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The rising middle class in Indonesia represents a significant economic transformation. More individuals enjoy higher income and improved living standards. This presents an opportunity for youth to contribute resources, skills, and influence to uplift communities, address social challenges, and create a more equitable and sustainable society.

Despite expanding opportunities are challenges in mental health. Disconnection and isolation are one of the biggest difficulties the youth are facing today.

Project Child Indonesia aims to provide a platform for the young generation to connect with themselves, gain a bigger purpose, and learn about their valuable role in doing good for society and nature.

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Sekolah Sungai Volunteer 2023 - Batch 36

“Be Mindful, Be Impactful”

PCI’s Volunteer Program provides many opportunities for young people who are inspired by the ideas and works of PCI to gain more practiced skills by working on PCI’s projects. This program is open for all who are eager and excited to work voluntarily and want to directly manage PCI’s projects. The projects themselves are designed to provide the children, as our main target groups, many opportunities to improve their learning capacity. By participating as a volunteer in PCI you will gain more skills and improve them, these skills such as confidence, communication, responsibility, teamwork, building innovations, and also:

  1. Contributing to children’s education.
  2. E-Certificate.
  3. Networking opportunities.
  4. Involving in hands-on SDG’s project.
  5. Experience to work with communities.
  6. Getting an opportunity to make substantive contributions to an NGO’s work.
  7. Learning more about mindfulness and environtment
Activity Timeline

  • Volunteer Training “The Heroes”

Training of volunteers who will be facilitators or mentors of Sekolah Sungai participants.

  • Activity Class for “Harmony Ambassadors”

The class activity, involving 60 participants who will become Harmony Ambassadors from three Sekolah Sungai locations, namely Code, Gajahwong, and Winongo, is designed to impart knowledge about mental health and the environment. These participants will work on projects that will be displayed at the Harmony Festival, advocating for these crucial issues..

  • The Harfest “Harmony Festival”

The festival seeks to combine important values such as mindfulness, mental health, and environmental awareness into one creative and meaningful celebration and series of activities.


The Heroes - Facilitators

  • Passion for Social Activities, Especially Involving Children: All volunteers should have a passion for social activities, particularly those involving children. Their enthusiasm for interacting with children and understanding their world will aid in capturing moments with a sensitive and empathetic perspective.
  • Interactive and Creative Teaching: Facilitators are expected to lead classes interactively and employ creative teaching methods to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.
  • Understanding of Intolerance Issues: All facilitators should possess basic knowledge of and concern for intolerance issues, allowing them to address these sensitively when interacting with students.
  • Interest in Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Environment: Facilitators with an interest in mindfulness, mental health, and environmental issues are particularly welcome, as these topics are integral to the program's curriculum.
  • Availability: Facilitators should commit to being available during the weekly mentoring class schedule and for The Harmony Festival event. Consistent availability is essential to ensure program continuity.
  • Mobility: While facilitators are not required to have a personal vehicle, they should have the ability to travel to one of the Sekolah Sungai locations (arranged in groups) and to the venue of The HaFest event.
  • Child Safety: Ensuring the safety of children is paramount. Facilitators must be capable of explaining health and safety instructions to students before commencing classes.
  • Mandatory Training: All facilitators are obliged to participate in mandatory training sessions. These sessions are designed to equip facilitators with a comprehensive understanding of teaching instructions, methods, and materials.

The Heroes - Documentations

  • Passion for Social Activities, Especially Involving Children: All volunteers should have a passion for social activities, particularly those involving children. Their enthusiasm for interacting with children and understanding their world will aid in capturing moments with a sensitive and empathetic perspective.
  • Proficiency in Documentation: Documentation volunteers should have proficiency in photography, videography, or other documentation methods. They should be skilled in capturing and recording the program's activities effectively.
  • Availability: Like facilitators, documentation volunteers should commit to being available during the program's activities, including the mentoring classes and The Harmony Festival event. Consistent availability is crucial to capture important moments.
  • Mobility: While having a personal vehicle is not mandatory, documentation volunteers should have the ability to travel to various program locations, including Sekolah Sungai sites and The HaFest venue, to document activities.
  • Equipment: Documentation volunteers should have access to the necessary equipment, such as cameras, video cameras, or recording devices, to effectively capture visual and audio content.
  • Respect for Privacy: Volunteers should respect the privacy and consent of participants when documenting their activities. This includes obtaining permission for photography or video recording when necessary.
  • Sensitivity to Capturing Moments: High sensitivity to capturing meaningful and emotionally significant moments is essential. Documentation volunteers should have the ability to recognize and capture these moments that convey the essence of the program.


  1. Registration (6 - 16 Oct 2023)
  2. Interview (17 - 18 Oct 2023)
  3. Result Announcement (20 Oct 2023)
  4. Welcoming Party (22 Oct 2023)*
  5. Mandatory Training (23 - 3 Oct 2023)**
  6. Volunteer Activities (11 Oct - 31 Dec 2023)ᅠ

Application submission will be closed on October, 16th, 2023. To register please visit:

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Volunteering With Us

At Project Child Indonesia, volunteers are the pioneers of change. We are committed to promote the spirit of volunteerism among youth and the international community to make meaningful connections and lasting impact.  

We aim to accomodate various interests, ensuring everyone can find a fulfilling and rewarding opportunity to contribute to our shared goals. Whether you’re a seasoned or a first-time volunteer, your efforts play a crucial role in building a safer and more sustainable future for those we serve.

Together, let’s unlock the potential of volunteerism and create a brighter future for children and communities.

What you can expect...

Volunteer stories

Memorable Experiences

Personally, I see education as one of the most important things in life. Pendidikan itu selain menambah ilmu dan skills, dia juga membantu aku bertumbuh dan membentuk karakter baik dalam diri. Pendidikan itu semestinya menjadi hak untuk setiap orang, tapi sayangnya ini masih menjadi sebuah privilege. Padahal buatku, selain jadi privilege, pendidikan juga yang bantu aku untuk raih privilege lain dalam hidup. Makanya aku sangat bersyukur sekali bisa mengenyam pendidikan sampai sejauh ini. Therefore, I highly hope that education can be received by all children as soon as possible, especially Indonesian children.

Khansa Allya Community Engagement Intern Batch 34

Seneng banget bisa gabung Project Child Indonesia. awalnya cuma pingin melakukan aktivitas yang bermanfaat, tapi setelah gabung sama PCI malah menemukan banyak teman yang super seru!! Salah satu yang bikin berkesan di PCI buat aku, disini sangat menekankan basic manner untuk mengucapkan “Thank you”, itu salah satu magic word sih buat aku

Muhammmad Haris Makarim Partnership Intern Batch 35

Sebagai content writer di PCI, aku bersyukur bisa berbagi apa yang sudah aku pelajari melalui artikel yang aku dan teman-teman tulis, juga mengajak serta kakak-kakak untuk meningkatkan awareness terkait suatu topik. Buatku, belajar nggak melulu harus di instansi formal. Kita bisa belajar setiap saat di mana pun dan kapan pun, termasuk membaca artikel pendek setiap harinya!

Amaranila Nariswari Content Writer Intern Batch 34

Dengan tergabung dalam PCI, aku jadi bisa berkontribusi dalam membantu menunjang terwujudnya pendidikan yang layak dan merata untuk adik-adik di Indonesia. Bukan sekadar formalitas, dengan menjadi intern PCI, aku juga bisa secara langsung mengambil langkah dalam proses pembelajaran yang terjadi.

Mutiara Devianti Program Coordinator Intern Batch 34

Pendidikan sangat bermakna bagiku, karena pendidikan adalah stepping stone untuk menjadikan diriku berguna bagi diri sendiri dan masyarakat.

Nura Amelia Harahap Human Capital Intern Batch 34

The tutoring classes helped some children who just graduated from Elementary School to adapt to the differences in Junior High School since they haven’t had the chance to go to school

Annisa Online Learning Assistance Volunteer