Internet Literacy Workshop at SD Bumijo Yogyakarta

On Tuesday, April 10th 2018, Project Child Indonesia held a workshop for teachers and parents at SD Bumijo Yogyakarta as our partner for Internet Literacy Program. The workshop is a regular event which is held as part of the program, which aims to prepare teachers and parents with deeper knowledge of digital literacy. The Internet Literacy Program itself has been taking place in the school since November 2017, covering computer donation and weekly classes for students of the 5th grade. Attended by teachers and parents of the 5th grade students, the workshop was intended to give teachers and parents better understanding about the program, and the urgency of digital literacy education in Indonesia.

During the workshop, teachers and parents were given an opportunity to share about the children’s activity regarding internet usage. This information is important for us in understanding the children’s behavior in using internet, and will be used by our educational team to design more relevant learning materials for upcoming lessons. They were also encouraged to discuss the problems they find in educating and supervising children in using internet. Hopefully this activity can be a bridge for our team, teachers, and parents to align our vision on giving the best education on digital literacy. We are looking forward to building better cooperation with teachers and parents to overcome the problems we may face in helping children make better use of the internet.