International Youth Day : The Future Is Us

Written by Nindy Silvia Anggraini, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia 

International youth day is celebrated for some reason. Young people whose enthusiasm is very easy to ignite, are directed to good things that are useful for their environment. The theme for International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Involvement for Global Action” seeks to draw on how young people interact at the local, national and global levels in national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as lessons from how their representation and interaction in formal institutional politics can be of particular interest. significant. With this theme, we as young people are invited to be active in our environment in positive terms starting from the regional scope, namely the local community. The existence of NGOs which support the running of government activities with civil society and other organizations is one of the most appropriate places for young people to build bangs. As the title says, the future is us, young people. NGOs can be described as a “global network of opportunities”. NGOs are at the forefront of international action. Throughout history, when the Government has hit a dead end, NGOs have worked to solve it. Relentless advocacy helps support an international ban on landmines and cluster munitions. Your relentless urge to value gender equality, climate, and human rights. Once the influence of NGOs, it proves that through NGOs we can together build our nation for the better future.

The involvement of young people in NGOs has recently continued to increase as advanced technology can easily bring crucial issues to the surface. Youth movement through NGOs and the like to prove their participation in government whose main goal is to develop the country. Issues that are considered by the government, such as human rights, education, racism, the environment, and many more, are now starting to be discussed frequently and have even become the main discussion in government. The words “the future is us” are no longer nonsense. What we do as young people today will determine the future of our nation. For that, let our environment be active in the complex in our respective environment. Whether we choose to sleep, have fun, or just dive right into the problems around us, the tools we will get later. The word “young people” has the connotation of “making change” not “waiting for change”. So what are you waiting for?