A Simple Tutorial to Turn Our World Into a Better Place

Written by Nathaniel Alvino Risa Prima, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

Well, as casual civilians, with all of our limitations, we do not have many options or let alone significant power to create a sudden, massive change to the bigger scope of humanity. Nevertheless, like the spirit that we all shall uphold highly, there must always be things, the simple ones, that we can do to fill the holes of universal madness with the paradigm and practice of positivity.

So, here’s a simple tutorial that you can do anywhere and anytime to embark the positive vibration from yourself to your surroundings, in hope of turning our world into a better place:

  1. Practicing Mindfulness

Everything always starts from within, doesn’t it? To affect others in a positive way, then first, you shall start by employing the same energy within yourself. By being conscious of your presence, emotions, as well as feelings at the very present moment, you might get rid of any negativity from judgmental thoughts to fears. Some might put effort to reach mindfulness through meditation or praying, while others do it by writing journals. You can do whatever method that resonates better with your soul’s needs, because they vary between people.

  1. Building a good relationship

The root of war and conflicts lies in the significant failure to understand the complexities between a party and the other, as well as the absence of respect. Thus, understanding, in addition to compassion, is very much needed as a foundation to pursue better relationships between human beings. The key is to respect the differences and find the middle ground! It might sound very simple, but often, it’s not.

Beyond family and friends, a good, respectful relationships should also be utilized between those beyond your own circles; perhaps, starting by managing a good relationship with your own neighbor would be awesome – as in modern world, the urge and awareness to create a good relationship with your own neighborhood pals has declined sharply, especially for those who live in urban areas. ‘Smiling’ and ‘greeting’ (just the simple one) would be a good start!  

  1. Involved in community service

Last but not least, being involved in community service would also gain you a new perspective outside your own bubble. Realizing that how many crucial basic needs like food, education, housings, etc are not distributed fairly to all parts of the community, might draw some to the urge to help and empower those who are less fortunate. The experience in other communities, would give you an “enlightenment” on how our world truly works and how diverse human beings are.

Departing from this spirit, every year, Project Child Indonesia opens an opportunity for anyone to join the volunteer program. By focusing on the field of practical health, environment and disaster education, holistic learning experience, technology education, as well as volunteer engagement, PCI invites youth all across Indonesia to participate in the efforts to turn our world into a better place. You might find more information on our volunteer program at https://projectchild.ngo/volunteer/ or visit our social media (Instagram) via @project.child to find out more on our next recruitment for volunteers! We are waiting for you as we believe that “Everyone Can Do Good” !