Problems Solving with Business?

Written by: Paschalis Cahya Irawan, Social Business Trainee Intern Project Child Indonesia

Can business solve social problems? can by designing a social business. Social business or often referred to as social entrepreneurship is defined as a business that is motivated by social problems or other problems This business is also a form of solution to social and environmental problems by managing problems into a business innovation with a mission to solve these problems.

Before getting to know the concept, I was not interested in a business that only looks for profit, but after knowing the concept of social business, I have an interest in the form of the concept. Until finally I studied deeper and had the desire to put the concept into practice.

In the end, I looked at social media and saw that there was an internship program at one of the NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) Project Child Indonesia which opened an internship program in the field of social business. After considering, I finally enrolled in the program, in my mind to know how to implement social business directly and how the process of social business development.

As someone who doesn’t know the details of social business development, I have learned a lot from the internship program. From what I know, making a social business by looking at social and environmental problems is not enough. There are still many processes that must be passed to set up a social business.

By participating in the internship program, I learned from several colleagues from various other fields of knowledge. I have come to understand that designing a social business is not just looking at the existing problems. But I also need to think about how to design a business that has more value not only looking at the problem but how the business is sustainable.

Social business begins with good intentions to help others independently and sustainably through business activities. During the internship program at Project Child Indonesia and meeting many friends who have other perspectives, they have provided valuable lessons in the process of designing and preparing the needs for building a social business. In addition to providing new knowledge, we also see how the challenges of setting up a social business are by thinking about the possibilities that occur with the implementation of the business idea. This is a valuable experience for me and hopefully we can all do good with each other through a business.

Quoting from Muhammad Yunus “Create a tiny plan to help a few people at a time”, let’s make a business plan to help others.