Code River Educational Tour with ACICIS and Scotch College, Western Australia

On Tuesday April 17th 2018, the community we have been working with in Sekolah Sungai Code got a visit from students and teachers of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia. The visit was made possible through Project Child Indonesia’s partnership with ACICIS Yogyakarta, who held the visit as part of their School Tour program. There were 5 students and 2 teachers from Scotch Senior School joining the tour, with the objectives of hands-on learning in the Indonesian language and culture, in addition to observing and sharing about environmental issues.

During the tour, the student-teacher group walked around the neighborhood and visited several places, guided by team members from ACICIS and Project Child Indonesia. They came to see a traditional costumes rental, an art center where people display their handcrafts, which doubles as a dance studio, and the community leader’s residence. They had in-depth conversations with the community leader, who answered the students’ questions about river conservation in Code river and how the community tackle the problems they find in maintaining environmental sustainability. They also talked about the milestones Code community had achieved so far, including being the best administered community in Yogyakarta. At the end of the tour, they took a walk along the river to observe the disaster-prone area and directly see the Early Warning System that had been installed.

We would like to thank ACICIS and Scotch College for making this visit possible. It was a delightful trip, and we sincerely hope that the activity could benefit the guests with valuable experience, as well as impacting the community positively by giving insights and different point of view in solving their current problems.