Olympic Games

As a sign of appreciation Project Child decided to host a special event for the children who attended the Open Class during the last year and were eager to learn about the topics ocean conservation, plastic reduction, pollution, etc… The event “Olympic Games” took place on the property of the Beach School in Pacitan on May 5th 2018. We started in the early afternoon and divided the about fifty children who came into teams so they could compete against each other. Especially the sac hopping tournament in the end of the event brought much joy to the children. One of the reasons for that was that even members of the staff and volunteers of Project Child joined to play the game. The winner team was honored with a small goodie bag and finally everyone celebrated eating tasty cookies. Project Child believes that events like this don’t only show the children our appreciation for the hard work and dedication but we understand it as a necessity to offer children a diverse and fun learning environment. All in all, our team is more than happy with the number of children who attended the event and the smooth run of the “Olympic Games”. We are now looking forward to continuing our Open Class during Ramadhan with a new program that is specifically tailored to this important time in Muslim culture.