Time of Crisis = Time to Care

Written by Graciella Stephanie Ganadhi, Content Writer Project Child Indonesia

The 5th of April is celebrated annually as the International Day of Conscience. First celebrated in 2019, International Day of Conscience was initiated to remind people of the importance of love and peace in our society and the importance of self-reflection and improvement. Conscience advances the well-being of people, which is an essential base of global sustainability. The advancement will enhance the development of the global economy, society, culture, spirit, technology, and education; 

Dr. Tao-Tze Hong, President of the Federation of World Peace and Love, explains that conscience works to empower people to tolerate, forgive, and love one another. It will then shorten the distance between people and nations, creating a harmonious global society that is vital for world peace. As globalization ensues, it becomes crucial for everyone to keep the world in order. As global citizens, you are encouraged to handle international and national issues with compassion, bravery, and wisdom. Keeping global peace and harmony and creating a multi-win plan that benefits people and the mother earth should be our priority.

In times of crisis, conscience becomes more important than ever. It asks you to self-reflect and reminds you to always do the right thing. It reminds you to not be selfish and put global needs first and foremost. Amid COVID-19, conscience should be the alarm inside all of us that we need to actively help to flatten the pandemic curve by staying home. For those who are still young, you have a higher chance of survival, sure. However, it should not blind you for the possibility that you can be a carrier of the disease to those who are more fragile such as the elderly or those with preexisting conditions. You shouldn’t be selfish and only think about our own needs and wants, ignoring the needs of others. You need to work together, as a global citizen, to end this pandemic. Seek your inner conscience and do the right thing: stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy!


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