Surfing and the beach with Happy Surf Jogja

Project Child Sekolah Pantai

On Monday the 19th of May, our friends from Happy Surf Jogja paid a visit to our Sekolah Sungai in Kricak to teach the children about surfing and the beach. They even brought their surfboards and taught the kids the 3 important moves for surfing: paddling, taking off and popping up! Some of the children even had a go at simulating surfing, a new experience and learning curve for everyone.

Happy Surf Jogja played a lot of the videos they have made about surfing in Jogja, how the beaches are undiscovered and how the surfing community is relatively new. Surfing as a sport is still not very common, and Happy Surf Jogja are keen to teach anyone, and get lots more people involved with the beaches to the South of Jogja. Pantai Krakal has very consistently good waves in the wet season, and the surf community also know all the places with rips as well as what beaches are good for beginners.


Project Child Sekolah Pantai

Lastly, the kids were taught about the myths of Nyai Roro Kidul and the stigma around swimming at the beaches of South Java. Practices around this legend include never wearing green while swimming in the South Java beaches and praying before you swim.

However, these myths were also supplemented with photos of rips and the beaches which are known to draw swimmers out to sea when they get too far away from the shore. This added aspect of science and myth combines Javanese mythology with swim safety to teach the kids that the beach can be dangerous if you don’t follow the rules or listen to those who know the waters.


Thank you so much to Happy Surf Jogja for introducing this amazing part of Jogja to the kids, we hope one day they will be able to visit the beach with Happy Surf Jogja!