Office and Fresh Water Fountain

Project Child is proud to report the opening of our office in Pacitan. The house, as seen on the picture, is a 2 minute scooter-ride away from the future beach school and will be used by our team to get in touch with the communities on site and start with planning our future programs. The house offers a living and working area, a kitchen and three rooms to accommodate up to 6 Project Child members.

Office Pacitan

Thanks to the support and involvement of Ms Rian during the first steps of Project Child in Pacitan, we managed to get in touch with Mr Gatot who did the drilling of the fresh water fountain on the land of Sekolah Pantai. The 12 meter deep drill supplies us with high quality water. With this fresh water fountain we have fulfilled the first fundamental need for our future learning center. Next we will prepare to get electricity on our land.

Brunnen Pacitan