PCI Talks: Gender Equality for Every Child in Indonesia

Written by Dara Ayu Ariane, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

Gender equality can still be quite hard to achieve, especially when it comes to educational opportunities. Project Child Indonesia realizes this issue and has been actively trying to help mitigate it. On May 24th, 2021 the NGO held another webinar featuring Rezki Satris, a lecturer focused on Feminism and Gender Studies at the University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta, as the guest speaker. Taking on the theme “Gender Equality for Every Child in Indonesia”, the webinar aims to help participants understand more about the importance of gender equality from an early age and how to implement this in kids’ learning process. It was also sponsored by To My Daughter, a jewelry company based in Bali that has a mission to help young girls in impoverished communities worldwide. The perfect sponsor for the insightful webinar!

Alongside its moderator Stephanie Ruth Armida, who is Project Child Indonesia’s Content Writer Intern, the webinar started off with a brief introduction and then it continued with a Gender Equality Education Workshop by the guest speaker. The topics that were discussed included factors causing women’s discrimination in the education sector, solutions to gender gap issues, as well as the purpose of gender perspective education. 

During the Q&A session, participants actively asked a variety of questions regarding the persisting gender inequality issues in Indonesia. One participant asked about the difference between gender equality and gender equity, while another asked about the guest speaker’s stance on recent governmental efforts in alleviating gender inequality in Indonesia. 

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