Outbond Event – Sekolah Pantai Pacitan

To round up our half annual educational program, which is part of the Drinking Water Program in cooperation with 4 schools around Pacitan, Project Child hosted a special outbond event on April 15th 2018 on the beach school property in Pacitan.

The event was carried out in order to appreciate the children, who came to the weekly classes over the last 6 months and enriched their knowledge by learning about topics like ocean conservation, plastic reduction, pollution, etc..

We started early in the morning by showing the children an educational video about an innovative possibility of dealing with plastic trash. After watching the video, we equipped the children with reusable trash bags and headed to the beach to undertake a beach cleanup and demonstrate the children how polluted the nature around us already is and how important it is to take action.

As soon as the children returned from the beach, they were happy to find out that we had fresh water and snacks prepared and that it was time to recover their energy and to get ready for the following games. For the activities we decided to divide the children in groups and have them compete against each other. We arranged games like an egg-run, a ski race or a water balloon volleyball game and were content to see, that the children enjoyed playing them. The winner team was honored with self-made wooden medals and finally all children celebrated eating delicious cake, a prize for their committed participation.

All in all, the team of Project Child Pacitan was happy with the smooth run of the event and is now looking forward to continuing the program with a new group of children from our partnering schools.