New Year, New Me: A “Good” Resolution

Written by Nathaniel Alvino Risa Prima, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

2021 might have been rough for some, and no one could promise that 2022 would get much better. There will always be challenges along the way, but hey! Isn’t it better to remain high-spirited and optimistic in every period?

What makes humans as advanced creatures is that we have the ability to learn from our past experience. We are able to turn our memories into a note to guide us through a new circle of period. Every human has their own “superpower” to recall the past patterns and make them as a foundation for the future endeavours.

One of the most familiar and easiest ways is through the writing of New Year’s resolutions!

Well, have you taken a seat for a while to write your resolution for 2022?

Most people start the new year (or new year eve) by writing down their dreams, aspirations, and what-so-called “resolution” as their new year starter. It has indeed always been a good idea to involve yourself through a new beginning with full optimism and spirit.  

Resolution usually includes the dream, aspirations, purposes, and goals that people want to reach in a new phase or period. It might be in the form of numbered lists or paragraphs. Depends on whatever suits the writers, personally. Some prefer to write them in a piece of paper, while others prefer to write them in their gadget.

If you ask me, I prefer to keep them in my head, simply. I only dream and aspire for a few significant things, so my memory works pretty well to memorize my little resolution. Dreams and purposes are very personal to me. Thus, my heart will guide me to keep them fiery within me.

You can do whatever the way that suits you!

But, eh, what makes a resolution to be good?

Hmm, the answer was never supposed to be out there! It’s always within you! Many young people aspire to be smarter, taller, richer, stronger and few expect themselves to be kinder.

They pursue many things with passion and confidence. Education and support have always been their biggest drive. They treat their dream as something that is urged to be turned into reality.

Well, whatever you decide to write on your paper for 2022 is not something that deserves to be judged by the external parties such as your parents, friends, colleagues, your work partners, or even, me – who write this article. It’s you who have the full authority to put the things you want to do or accomplish in your resolution.

On the other hand, there is this particular issue. Some of us have been often swayed away by how our surroundings and society expect us to be – to the extent that we don’t recognize what we really need, or most importantly, what we really love.

Sometimes, we want things not because we really want them; let alone love them. Instead, it’s because of the existence of the majority who want it or idealize it, so we would be perceived as a “weirdo” if we don’t want them, too.

In other words, some of us still follow (or are driven by) the crowd stream.

I still remember the one time I talked with my girlfriend. We talked about the things that we want to do in the future. She said she wants to live in a humble, small-town neighbourhood for the coming years; she wants to turn herself away from the urban money and high-paid job. At the beginning, I questioned her aspiration, “Why?”

Then, her answer still makes me wonder and think until today.

“Why? Simply, because I love it!”

For some people, money is not the most important thing. Let alone high-paid jobs. While for others, it might be. Hmm, I suppose nothing wrong with either of them. It’s pretty much the corollary of internalized teachings and values. At the end of the day, who am I to judge?

You can always dream to your “wildest”! Each one of us has the power, ability, and right to write whatever you aspire to in your New Year’s resolution.

Nonetheless, I have two short messages for you to put in mind. First, please make sure that your aspiration brings you and others joy. Don’t aim for something that only brings yourself pain and hurts others. Second, please recognize what you truly need and love. Stop being a fish that follows the stream. Instead, like a salmon, do your own stream!

Happy New Year!