Mindfulness Storybook and Worksheet

Globally children are struggling with mental health and wellbeing in the midst of the covid 19 pandemic and everyday challenges of childhood and growing up. As part of PCI’s mission to improve mental health literacy for children in riverside and beachside communities a storytelling event was created and held in one of the river schools on the 20th of November 2022 for international children’s day. The aim of this event was to decrease stigma, increase literacy and create resources that were easily accessible. As a part of this event a group of interns created this story book about a boy named Gus struggling with everyday anxieties that can be overwhelming for young people. He learns to navigate this with the help of his friend Ayu. Our aim is to help kids to understand that these feelings are normal and to give them helpful resources and techniques to safely navigate them using a fun and interactive medium. This PDF can be printed and used for various events and activities that help get children interested in learning about and understanding well being. Kids can even colour in the characters and make it their own!