Microfinance Program for Entrepreneurial and Community Growth

Project Child Indonesia always strives to perform its duty as an influential social movement. The next step taken by PCI in enhancing the development in lower socio-economic areas of Yogyakarta, and also in fulfilling its own desire to transform itself into a social enterprise, is to introducing the microcredit program for the exact community the children of the River School are in.

The new program is originally based on the idea that a greater impact on the children’s future can be made more securely if the parents have stable financial ability. In cooperation with Regional Development Bank (BPD) Surya Yudha, PCI team received training in microfinance which is suitable for vulnerable communities, with Kricak Kidul being an example. Moreover, PCI collaborates with Canniff Foundation so as to make the program possible and sustainable.

Soft loans will be provided in order to increase the standard of living of micro-entrepreneurs, and to help them avoid the less favourable loan sharks. With a small monthly flat interest rate, coupled with basic trainings (accounting, finance and computer literacy, online marketing, etc.), beneficiaries are expected to more effectively compete in the market and most importantly face no challenges in the credit repayment.

It has always been in Project Child Indonesia’s interest to nurture valuable mindsets in the households of vulnerable communities. The free educational classes for the children, along with the microcredit program for the parents, ensure PCI’s vision to cause a positive growth in the long-term.

The research of the program is still ongoing and we invite people with great minds who want to give back to the community by improving it so we can give a maximum impact over a long time. You can be part of the team by registering here. Any kind of experience and expertise are very welcome and we look forward to meeting you soon!