“Green class & Vertical Gardens”

The aim of the “Green class” was to give the children the opportunity to truly realize what a healthy environment is like, and to experience an environment that differs to their home. PCI took them on a day-trip to Banyu Mili Garden and Pool; this was imperative as there are no free public parks in Yogyakarta. Therefore, PCI had to raise the funds to take the children to this garden in order to show them a well-cared-for green area. The children were allowed to play and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area, which was so unlike the densely-packed “Kricak”. Afterwards, PCI gave the children a blank piece of paper and asked them to paint their dreams for “Kricak”. This was one of their paintings:



In the next step to increase the greenery and gardens in “Kricak”, PCI is in the process of building “Vertical Gardens”. The vertical gardens is part of the “Zero Rupiah Project” campaign. Structures are being built out of recycled materials, such as old furniture, in order to create a frame, and plastic bottles for pot-plants (which the children will decorate) along each rung. The “Kricak” families can therefore grow their own plants and vegetables in the small confines between their houses. This will also encourage more vegetables to be included in their daily diets. The children will be responsible for tending to the gardens, so that from an early age they will understand the value of actively caring for something, which is the next step from their lessons about not polluting the environment.


Project Child green class