Free Health Check-Ups

“Project Child” has now provided Free Health Check-ups on two separate occasions for the people of “Kricak”. The first was held on Sunday the 5th of May 2013 and the most recent on Sunday the 23rd of February 2014. PCI collaborated with CIMSA UGM (Centre for International Medical Students Association, Gadjah Mada University) for this […]

Cheap Bazaar

“Project Child” collected many generous donations of second-hand clothing and other household items from people around Yogyakarta, such as international exchange students, friends and from Olifant School Yogyakarta. PCI decided to set up a cheap ‘bazaar’ so that recipients would not be merely taking a ‘hand-out’, but rather, consider the need or value of each […]

Natural Disaster Awareness and Precaution Day

Merapi volcano erupts on average every four years. The last eruption occurred in 2010, resulting in devastating flow-on effects to the riverside kampung in Yogyakarta. Millions of cubic metres of pyroclastic material were swept down the river, clogging and raising the level of sediment on the riverbed. Now, in the tropical wet season, the river […]

Environmental Theatre

In February 2013, thirty PCI children performed in a play about the environment. This cute piece of theatre was held in Olifant International School and was an open-house event. The storyline conveyed both the beauty of living on a riverbank and the problems faced in this environment. In this way, the children (and the audience!) […]

“Green class & Vertical Gardens”

The aim of the “Green class” was to give the children the opportunity to truly realize what a healthy environment is like, and to experience an environment that differs to their home. PCI took them on a day-trip to Banyu Mili Garden and Pool; this was imperative as there are no free public parks in […]

Healthy cooking class and “Morning Bite” project

Healthy food is easy to provide when you have enough money. However, to make nutritious food for the family when money is tight, one has to be very smart when sourcing the ingredients. The aim of the healthy cooking class and the “Morning Bite” project is to encourage the “Kricak” families to make healthier choices. […]

University Visit

In collaboration with the Pediatric Unit of University Gadjah Mada, PCI took the children and their mothers on a field-trip to the university campus. The children walked around the campus hand-in-hand with the volunteers and explored all different aspect of campus life; the library, the canteens, student centres, and especially the labs! They were given […]

Teaching Children Compassion Towards Animals

One of the dominant themes we learn about in the “Monday Classes” is caring for the animals in both the oceans and on land. As a culmination of our learning, PCI took the children on their very first excursion to Gembira Loka Zoo, in January 2012, with the support of Pandu Indonesian Language Course. These […]

Traditional Games

In June 2012, Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel invited the “Kricak” kids to participate in a day of traditional games. The Museum Ambarrukmo is a heritage site and the museum community actively promotes the preservation of traditional culture. The children enjoyed playing Dakon, from which they practiced strategic and mathematical skills, and Bakiak, from which they learnt […]