Cheap Bazaar

“Project Child” collected many generous donations of second-hand clothing and other household items from people around Yogyakarta, such as international exchange students, friends and from Olifant School Yogyakarta. PCI decided to set up a cheap ‘bazaar’ so that recipients would not be merely taking a ‘hand-out’, but rather, consider the need or value of each item. Every item was priced between IDR 1,000-10,000 (USD $0.10 – $1). PCI assisted the children as they busily set up their bazaar in “Kricak”, and sold the items to the parents. At the end of the bazaar, PCI collected and redistributed the money equally amongst the children, and discussed what it could be used for. This project was part of PCI’s ‘Zero Rupiah Project” campaign. PCI did not personally contribute or receive any money for this project.

Here are some of the things the children said:

“I usually go and help my father selling hand-made toys every Sunday, but this Sunday I wanted to do the bazaar, so the money I earned today I will give to my Dad.” – Deni, 8 years old.

“I’m going to put it in my ‘celengan’ (piggy-bank) to buy books and pens for next time at school.” – Yolanda, 10 years old.


Project Child Program