5 Ways to Stay Connected During Pandemic

Written by Dara Ayu Ariane, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

As the pandemic celebrates its one year anniversary, we’re all starting to get even more frustrated with staying at home and being apart from our loved ones. Many people are starting to adjust with online alternatives, but we all probably have had more online meetings in the last few months than in our whole life. This can be quite troublesome as it can lead to screen burnout really quickly. Don’t worry! We’ve got some great tips on how to spice up your online interactions to stay connected during the pandemic! 

Stay Connected with a Care Package!

Sending gifts is always one of the greatest ways to put a smile on other people’s faces. It doesn’t always have to be on their birthdays, Christmas or other special dates–any day can be a special occasion! Been wanting to have lunch or dinner together with a loved one? Don’t let the pandemic get in your way, because it’s time to set up a virtual date! If cooking is out of the agenda, just arrange to have their favorite food delivered. A quick access to your go-to online food delivery app and maybe change to your favorite going-out-outfit that you haven’t worn in a while, will definitely spice things up even more! A care package that you send doesn’t need to have expensive items in it. Sometimes sending a simple postcard, a mug, or a “new normal kit” will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face

More Virtual “Dates” 

Other than having a virtual lunch or dinner date with your loved ones, you can also virtually do other activities together. Set up a virtual afternoon coffee together with a good friend you haven’t talked to in a while and start catching up on all the juicy gossip you’ve missed! Or maybe you’ve been wanting to watch a horror movie but too scared to do it alone? Call up a friend or two so you can be spooked together. You can also combine our previous tip by sending a painting kit to a loved one and have an online panting session together. 

Video Calls with a Twist

Instead of just a plain video call, why don’t you try making a Presentation Slide to go with it? You can include funny pictures of your weekly plans or even make your own fun little games! There are so many online game platforms like Kahoot where you can turn a normal catching-up session into a fun trivia quiz to reminisce about the good ol’ pre-pandemic days. 

Don’t forget about your local community!

Our loved ones usually tend to be our families, friends, or significant others, but it can also include our local community. Check in on your neighbors once in a while can really make a difference in ensuring health protocols during the pandemic. It’ll definitely make organizing local vaccination sites easier.

Share the love

We’re lucky enough to have easy access to online platforms, but what about those who aren’t? There is always something we can do to help those in need, no matter how small it may seem. Donate to your favorite organizations, send letters or supportive messages to hospital patients and marginalized communities, or participate in other campaigns! You can donate to Project Child Indonesia’s fundraising page on Kitabisa.com to help support our Online Learning Assistance program so the children at three river communities in Yogyakarta will be even more enthusiastic to continue their studies!

Quarantining during the pandemic doesn’t mean we have to completely stop doing fun things and socializing with our loved ones. By working around the health restrictions, we are keeping things interesting while staying connected to one another!