World Cancer’s Day

Written by Mikhael Sianturi, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia

I Am and I Will

World Cancer’s Day is today! It is the 4th of February! Commemorated to remind the danger of cancer and those who are suffering from it, the special date has a worldwide audience since cancer may attack anyone. Each year, the date has a new motto or theme. The disastrous 2020’s motto was “Progress is Possible”, and the year before that was “Commitment to Act”. This year’s is “I am and I will.”

We can see this theme in the website of the date itself at With its theme, the web encourages people to define who they are and what they can do to make a future free of cancer. It’s a powerful motto considering no matter who we are or what we do, if we all unite and pull an act, surely a large impact is a guarantee.

We are Intelligent People and We Will Act!

First started in the year 2000, the death statistic caused by cancer prior to this year was already horrifying. According to, 5.7 million people died from various types of cancer. In 2017, 9.6 million people died, which means there was a 66% increase. However, despite that ugly number, there is a better chance for surviving the disease. From the same source, it shows that throughout from 1990 to 2017, there is a 15% downfall of the death rate standardized by age. It is a small number, considering it took us 27 years to reach this number.

Hence, this is where the motto for this year’s World Cancer’s Day comes in, “I Am and I Will”. A bigger number will be more than achievable if all of us joint force. The simplest action may start from simply learning what cancer itself and informing others. Cancer is a disease in which cells grow abnormally and create an alien mass of tissue namely tumor. It is already a common piece of knowledge, but not everyone is caring enough to implement that piece in their lives. Once again, this can change if people unite and start spreading awareness that is enough to make people both aware and care.

Once you and your friends are packed with knowledge regarding our arch enemy, cancer, here is the arsenal of weaponry that we can use to prevent cancer. According to, preventing cancer is not the hardest task in the world. The site suggests to avoid tobaccos, have a healthy diet, be physically active, protect yourself from harsh midday sunlight, practice safe sex, avoid needles, and of course, seek regular medical checkup. If you probably already practice some of these in your life, or even all them, congratulations! If not, you might want to consider your decisions again.

When it comes to treating cancer itself, it is always a trip to the hospital. There is no need to address the different kinds of methods used to treat cancer here. Other than the fact they are expensive, a one-way trip is very possible. Let’s not let cancer win and banish it for good!