The Trend of Using “Batik” Among Young People

Written by Mikhael Sianturi, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia

For a certain period of time, Batik was a trending fashion choice among the youngsters. Initiated by some videos on TikTok with the hashtag #batikoutfitchallenge, many people blend Batik onto their modern choice of attire. Apparently, the trend attracted a lot of attention, especially in younger generations.

So. What is this trend, exactly? Why is it trending? And how is this treasuring one of our country’s great icons despite the criticism?

The Answers

The trend is very self-explanatory from its hashtag, #batikoutfitchallenge. It is a challenge to blend in a Batik with the person’s casual outfit. The most common combination is a black tee on the upper  half and a Batik on the bottom one circling the wearer’s waist. On a male, the Batik usually covers the person’s thighs. Meanwhile, on a female, the Batik usually reaches the shinbone, almost like a skirt. However, these two are just two examples of more variations out there. 

However, like any other trend, there are always two sides: the pros and the cons. The pros exist mostly in the original place where the trend was born, TikTok, who really supported the idea of blending Batik in their casual attire. The cons arose on Facebook where people criticized the trend for its false method in wearing the Batik.

A lot of Tiktok users supported the idea. Many people view the trend as cool and inspiring. Hence, they also feel the need to do the challenge and show off their take to bring Batik touches to their choice of outfit. 

However, a pro will never complete without a con. Many people criticized the trend for several reasons. Two common ones are the ‘wrong’ method of putting on the Batik and promoting local values being seen as a disguise to simply gain exposure. Quite often, the criticizers used offensive words in their ‘critiques’. Of course, this only added more popularity to the trend, though it is not the best way to do it.

The Silver Lining

However, for the sake of positivity, let us squeeze every ounce of it from this trend. Batik is and has always been a great icon in this country, so great that wearing one would be regarded as a very formal choice of fashion. You can see them in weddings, conferences, and other formal events. Extending that area to a non formal territory would surely be beneficial for the promotion of Batik itself because people do not attend formal events every day. Some people criticize how Batik and modern casual outfits do not go well together. However, since people do not wear them to attend formal events, to blend them with every day modern outfit is inevitable. 

Another ounce of positivity we can extract from here is the fact that the trend exists among younger generations. They have always been the one regarded as the hardest to carry on the country’s great icon. But here they are, wearing them proudly on more frequent daily occasions. 

Of course, a result from this is the promotion of Batik itself. Promoting Batik will not only draw interest and appreciation from foreign people, it will ensure a longer life to itself. As proud Indonesians, we cannot really say no to this, right?