Menjadi Seorang Ayah: Mendampingi Masa Depan Anak

Written by Citra Dwizarati, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia Menjadi seorang ayah yang baik tidaklah mudah, hal ini menjadi tantangan bagi para ayah dalam mendidik dan mendampingi anak. Keterlibat seorang ayah dalam hubungan antara ayah dan anak akan mempengaruhi kehidupan anak. Dalam memperingati hari ayah nasional, para ayah dapat memulai untuk mempelajari berbagai […]

Protect, Not Shame: Teaching Sexual Body Awareness To Children

We all know children are full of curiosity. They always want to try different food, games, clothes, and many things to satisfy their imagination. One curiosity is also about their body. We often find kids putting their hands in their mouths, running around naked, smelling their poop, touching their genitals, and asking their parents why […]

Raising Happier and Healthier Child: What is the Best Parenting Style?

Written by: Louis Budiman, Grants Researcher Intern Project Child Indonesia Family is a fundamental and primary agent of socialization for every human being to grow. Creating a happy, healthy, and safe family environment for children requires a proactive role by parents. To achieve this, good parenting is essential and the very basic aspect that shapes […]

The Importance of Parenting in The Issue of Racism

Written by Nindy Silvia Anggraini, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia  At an early age, children will pay attention to physical differences, including skin color. Research shows that 5 years old children can show signs of racial bias, such as treating people from one racial group better than another. Surely parents need to be called […]