PCI Talks: Everyone Can Do Good

Written by Dara Ayu Ariane, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

Project Child Indonesia is back with another online webinar and this time featuring its Executive Director, Surayah Ryha, as the guest speaker. With the theme “Everyone Can Do Good”, it serves as not only the NGO’s slogan that all staff cherish but also as a constant reminder and invitation to the webinar participants to do good in any form. 

The webinar was held on April 20, 2021 and lasted from 15.30 WIB to 17.00 WIB. It was also supported and sponsored by To My Daughter, a jewelry company based in Bali that has a mission to help young girls in impoverished communities worldwide.

Brigitta Paula, the webinar’s moderator and Project Child Indonesia’s Marketing & Fundraising intern, started off the webinar with a brief explanation of the theme and the guest speaker’s background. Then it was time to give the spotlight to Surayah Ryha who not only shared information about Project Child Indonesia as an NGO, but also the back-story of why she started the NGO in the first place, what the slogan stands for, and the various positive impacts the NGO has given to its surrounding communities. 

Surayah Ryha started with sharing her eye opening experience with the Last Living Sea Tribe during her thesis days. She learned two paradoxes: 1) the people living hand-in-hand with nature don’t really care about it and it’s because 2) when their survivability is at stake, protecting nature doesn’t become the main agenda anymore. 

She also shared the progress of Project Child Indonesia over the past 10 years, dating back to 2011 when the NGO only had a single program. 

For the latter half of the webinar, Surayah Ryha mainly shared on the positive benefits of volunteering and the importance of doing good things as youths. She explained that by having young adult volunteers, the NGO is working with a privileged group of people that have the skill sets and knowledge to come up and realize social change. 

“Young people are also agents of change, mobilizing to advance the Sustainable Development Goals to improve the lives of people and the health of the planet.”

Surayah Ryha, Executive Director of Project Child Indonesia

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