Our new team in Pacitan!


Welcome to the new volunteers !!

Already last year we carried out the recruitment of new volunteers in Pacitan. We welcome 16 new and old volunteers from Pacitan to the Project Child family. After a warm welcome and introduction round, the first workshop will take place in the next six months. Our Indonesian team in Pacitan will also be supported by Mia and Eliza from Berlin until the beginning of June. We look forward to a productive time together.


This year, Project Childs main focus will be on water and the availability of clean drinking water for school children. The preparations for the new water program from Project Child are already on high gears and first successes can already be celebrated.

At our location in Yogyakarta, a first water filter was installed in a primary school, which now gives access to clean and free drinking water to 145 primary school students. Eight additional water filters are already available in Pacitan and the search for schools in need along the coast line is in full swing. In addition, our team will soon begin the development of the accompanying educational program for the students so that they can access information on water and hygiene in addition to the access to safe drinking water.