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10 Years of Meaningful Change
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Sekolah Sungai Project

Learn about our children’s education and community development work at 3 Riverside communities in Yogyakarta.

Mindful Movement Indonesia

Learn about our work in improving human-nature relations and enhance sustainable development education.

Sekolah Pantai Project

Learn about our bamboo Beach School and our environmental education efforts for children and communities in Pacitan.

Online Learning Assistance

Learn about our COVID-19 Response Project focusing on distance learning and mental health support for children.

Drinking Water Project

Learn about our work to provide access to safe and healthy drinking water for Elementary Schools in Indonesia.

Youth Volunteer Program

Learn about our work focusing on youth empowerment through professional volunteer training.

Bridging Access to a Sustainable Future

About 2.1 million children are living under the proverty line in Indonesia.

They are most vulnerable to environmental changes due to lack of access to education, health, and preparedness.

Through organized acts of kindness, we can provide the knowledge and life skills to equlp children with the agency and tools to build a brighter future.

10 Years of Meaningful Change

Project Child Indonesia believers that children have the right to an opportunity to learn, to have a healthy start, to feel supported and secure living in a clean environment prepared for natural disasters.

Since 2013, we continue to promote a holistic and sustainable development education for children, with our passionate youth volunteer, we have served schools and community in 4 cities in Indonesia.

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Project Child Indonesia believes that Everone Can Do Goo

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