Why Small Things Matter

written by Amanda Ramaningrum, Content Writer at Project Child Indonesia

Nowadays, the development of technology has made us live in a faster way, especially in this pandemic, where digitalization is more common. Every day, we explore and connect through our social media, getting any information easily. We share, and we see. Of course, besides all of the advantages, there is also the negative effect that occurs in our society. Have you ever felt small when seeing other’s great achievements? Or have you felt unproductive whenever you remember how much others had made their ‘big thing’? Then, you will be overwhelmed with thoughts about what the big thing I could make to give a big impact, like others?

Well, the grass is always greener on the other side. The certain feeling when you find your friends or random people on the internet have done so many things to contribute to society is understandable. You saw them help poor children in Kenya, and after seeing that you feel the urgency to help poor children too. You saw one of your friends join volunteers to teach the children from victims of natural disasters in Thailand, and then you feel the want to help those children too. We don’t say that it was a bad thing. Having the ambition to grow, especially to make an impact is a good thing, indeed. But the reason why you are doing that must be changed. We often do those several things to search for validation from others. When we see another ‘big catch’, we are eager to reach that as soon as possible. Better you know, this behavior led us to ignore small things. 

Society standards are the ones we can blame for this situation. Young people are always pushed to make a big impact, and it makes us look only at the big things. We undervalued and unappreciated small moments, small achievements, and small acts. Let them go pass by and refuse to do them. Great things don’t happen without small things. It happens with a series of small things and is not done by impulse. Small things matter.

You may not believe it, but actually, every little thing we do matters and can have an impact. We are just afraid to take a simple step, because we’re worried too much about others’ expectations. Many of us often think like this, “I am not that good like them”  or “They’re so great. I am nothing compared to them”. We unconsciously underestimate our own ability while the fact is everyone can do good, and when you do good, it means you’ve made an impact on yourself and your surroundings.

Do small things to your surroundings (and society!)

That big thing you want to achieve for yourself is actually never about you in the first place. It will be the result of serving others. Celebrate small wins. This may be awkward for you who rarely do this, but really, small compliments can be very meaningful. No one knows your small act can affect someone’s life drastically. Say thank you to the waitress who is serving you at the cafe. Appreciate your teammate’s work.  Also, looking for random acts of kindness you can do for others is sometimes the best way to remember the value of small things.

Big changes always start with small things. The same is true for society; in order for social reform to occur, we must first look at and address minor issues. It is our responsibility as members of the next generation to create a better society. When we do small things together, big things happen faster, and society reforms. So, what is the smallest thing you can do to help?  Well, as I said before, we can do good. You can start by doing something as simple as donating. A single penny of yours could benefit a large number of people outside. Not only that, but we can also start with different things, such as helping directly through volunteer activities. 

As one of the non-government organizations in Indonesia, Project Child Indonesia (PCI) continues their strive to help children getting a better education and save the environment through programs such as Sekolah Sungai and Online Learning Assistants (OLA).  Starting from a mission to help the children in the poor riverside and beachside community, this contribution has turned into a big thing when PCI has succeeded in reaching more than 80 children to get better educational facilities through their programs. 

Seeing this good result, we want these programs to continue to help and reach more children in those communities. If you want to join us and make a small contribution to help these children, you can join our volunteer programs, or help with a little donation through our website. 

Remember a good thing you do today matters. Everyone can do good, and you don’t have to wait to do good because we can always make a difference, even in a small way. 


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