The Story of Ayomi

Ayomi Pandanwangi is one of the children who attends our classes at Sekolah Sungai in Kricak, and she has a natural talent for painting. She has been painting since she was 3 years old, and has won many local competitions and prizes for her art. Despite her natural talent and passion for painting, Ayomi has never been able to have this talent nurtured and mentored. She has never been able to take a painting class or be given a formal education in painting and art.

Since discovering her talent, Project Child Indonesia has been working to organise some art classes for Ayomi. Not only do we need to find her a teacher but we still need the funds to pay for these classes! Ayomi’s dream is to be a painter, but without some formal education in art, her talent and passion won’t be able to develop properly. This is why we are fundraising to help Ayomi achieve her potential.

Please donate to Project Child and help us run our art-mentoring program through the Sekolah Sungai, to give Ayomi the opportunity she deserves.