The Incredible Creativity After The Pandemic

Written by Juhandi Dwi Putra Lyana, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

Not gonna lie, the pandemic has affected every single thing in life. Our activities are limited only inside our home. Before the pandemic, we could go anywhere and do anything without limitation. Because of this situation, we become less productive and creative. However, we need to remember that this is our new normal. It is our new life. We have to adapt so we can survive in this challenging situation.

A lot of companies went bankrupt and the workers were laid off because the company could not afford to pay the workers. Many schools were also closed and the students studied at home. Such a horrific situation, isn’t it? Every single aspect of our life is falling apart. Therefore, as the next generation of the world, we have to be creative to rebuild what has fallen.

I always believe that each of us has strengths and weaknesses. We have something we are good at, but we also have something we are not good at. We have an equal potential to be the greatest version of ourselves. But, sometimes, we are too lazy to find and explore. We create our boundaries so we can justify our laziness.

Being creative is not only in the form of massive innovation or creating masterpieces. Creativity is like a plant, we have to water it every day if not the plant will die soon. Creativity needs to be nurtured from time to time. Yeah, you have potential, but wouldn’t it be such a waste if you don’t take care of it?

What Can You Do?

Starting from the simplest thing, why don’t you find a creative way to spend time? During a pandemic, we can only do our activities from home. Of course the source of entertainment is so limited, maybe through phone, personal computer, or, if you are lucky enough, a game console. It is good for you who do not live alone, you can still talk to real people in real life. Unfortunately, if you live alone, you may find this to be a big struggle. Don’t be sad first, you can find a way for it.

As in my experience, I will grab a book or maybe find an article on the internet about the topic that I am really into. After I read it, I will write what I have read. You don’t need to write in a proper way, just write it as what you want to. At least, you can read and know what you have written. Remember, Be Creative! Don’t limit your creativity and let it flow like water. 

Reading and writing are like nutrition for your creativity, but don’t let those nutritions stop right. The next step is applying your knowledge to what you want to do. For example, if you learn about playing guitar, start practicing. The chords that you’ve written and the techniques that you’ve read will not instantly enter your soul, you have to practice. Take your time and enjoy your process. Practice makes perfect.

The additional step is to share your productive or creative time. I know, sometimes, we don’t have to share it with everyone, but if you want to, why not do it? According to  April Rudin in her article titled The Science Behind Feeling Good While Social Networking, posting something on social media can help to increase oxytocin hormone production in your brain. If this hormone shows up, your stress will decrease and feel happy. At this moment, keeping our sanity is the most important thing after all, so go on and share what you do to the world. Moreover, we don’t know if someone out there who sees our posts is being motivated, and you, indirectly, have helped them. 

Is That Really Important?

Yes, it is important. The world where we are living is not the same as before. Through all the losses, the world has changed during the pandemic. The new normal starts now. It is a great chance to be creative, to try and fail. It is the perfect time to try whatever you want even if it starts from zero. The future of this world is in our hands. We need to keep this world living. No matter how hard and how impossible it is to recover from the situation. We youth have the incredible creativity to make the world a better place. Let your young, wild, and free soul explore your true potential.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.”

-Vincent Van Gogh-


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