The Implementation of Children’s Education Right

Written by Citra Dwizarati, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

The Implementation of Children’s Education Right, show that every child has the right to get health and education.

Parents as guardians of the family, and the government is responsible for providing access to education to children.

In the history of international children’s day, the UN Charter aims to make international children’s day for the welfare, protection and proper education of children without suffering in any form.

In 1989, world leaders gathered and committed to protecting and fulfilling children’s rights which are the responsibility of the government. In history, this convention has become the most countries to ratify human rights treaties which is an important agreement.
Based on the UN convention, children as individuals have their own rights which are not the only objects in determining decisions on parents.

How Important is International Children’s Day?

Since 1989, this day has become important to raise public awareness that there are still many children who do not have access to education, health or care.

Every human being has the right to get the right, especially education.To get an education is the right of every child, and not a privilege. Education is important as the basis of the key to success, which is education can change human life to support the future of children

Parents definitely want their children to get a good education, so parents must also play a role in supporting children to make this dream come true. These things can be done by appreciating every child’s process in taking education both failure and success in, giving praise in every child’s process.

Even though the government provides access to education, as you know, sometimes education is not evenly distributed. This is also influenced by the humanitarian crisis which is an issue that surrounds us. Show that many of us fight for human rights.

Especially Malala Yousafzai, at a young age she has fought for the human rights of girls to get a proper education.

What she has experienced, prompted her to fight for human rights. This action became the international spotlight, she even got the opportunity to give a speech at the United Nations. Not only that, she even received various forms of support to help her to voice her aspirations.

Her courage in giving aspirations as a young person can bring hope to women out there. Malala’s struggles have become an inspiration for some teenagers.

From Malala, we can learn to help others by instilling human values ​​in defending the truth to fulfill children’s rights to education, so that children can indirectly appreciate diversity and justice.

Even though the conditions experienced by Malala are different, it cannot be denied that there are still many children around us who do not get proper education, from facilities to access to education.

What Can We Do to Support Education in Celebrating International Children’s Day?

We can support children’s education, by distributing books that can support education, raising issues that are important for generations of children.

Not only that, small steps in fighting for children’s rights can be started from oneself by studying hard, by gaining knowledge we can share knowledge with children who do not get a proper education. In addition, instilling human rights values ​​starts from oneself by not discriminating

The lack of access to proper education still occurs in various vulnerable countries, so that this deficiency becomes an obstacle for children’s growth and development.

Indonesia as one of the countries where there is still a lack of access to education in some areas.

Sekolah Sungai, as one of Project Child’s programs in helping to teach children in a fun way to get access to proper education. Not only education, this program also provides facilities in the form of stationery to support education. With this program as a form of respecting children’s rights to get equal opportunities in education.

The small steps we can take mean a lot in bringing change to our children’s future. With the international celebration of children’s day, to increase public awareness of how important education is for children to create a good future.

Happy international children’s day!