Teacher: Becoming A Human for Others


Written by Nathaniel Alvino Risa Prima, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

Teachers will always have a special place in their students’ hearts and memories. They are the ones who show us patience as well as tough lessons, especially during our older days inside the school’s classroom. It needs to be recognized that taking care of children’s and (unstable) teenagers’ mess for a living is a hard duty and not every adult’s cup of tea. Therefore, the occupation as a teacher indeed relies on a genuine self-tolerance, sincerity, and deep root of life-calling.  

It is not too much to refer to our teachers as heroes without service marks, as without their selfless accompaniment and humble passions throughout our education years, we might not be able to be where we are today!

While, sadly, on the other news, do you know that Indonesia, at the moment, needs more teachers to serve students at schools? Based on the data released by the Ministry of Culture & Education, Indonesia will keep experiencing a deficiency of one million teachers per year within the next three years. In 2021 alone, there are exactly 1.167.802 empty positions of teachers that aren’t filled across the country. Compared to the previous year, the deficiency ‘only’ stands at the lower of 1.090.678 figures. This data is predicted to experience a negative growth, steadily, until 2024. 

The government has actually responded through its efforts to provide more support and improvements, according to the earlier, sadden national statistics. They are lawfully reflected within the recent government’s assurance towards standardization for public schools’ teachers as the implementation of Government Regulations No. 15 Year 2019: the same law which also regulates the teachers’ recruitments, so that the job of public schools’ teachers is now as equal – in term of security and wages – as any other civil servants’ formations. It is pretty good progress when you think about it.

The job of a teacher is now no longer as “scary” nor “less guaranteed” as it was in the previous decades. At the present, it is not wrong to perceive ‘teacher’ as a stable and much-needed job, especially in the midst of  rising demands of teachers to serve the young students across the country. The government’s rising concern for the future of education is now attractive enough to get more young, passionate teachers to serve the children in the country. Besides, it is also crucial to note that technology advancements (robot, computers) will not be able to replace this profession anytime soon, – like experienced in any other shorts of field – since being teachers not only involve intellectualism, but a good patience and sincere heart: something that can’t be found in any machine! 

Hmm, thus, have you ever considered pursuing your future life-calling as a teacher?

For anyone who answers ‘no’, that’s alright! Everyone has their own graceful goals and they are all equally cool!; but for those who answer ‘yes’ or a slight ‘maybe’, well, there are things to be spilled over for you!

Remember, being a teacher is not an easy task, and instead challenging – especially when you have to deal with dozens of ‘chaotic’ minds and growing young souls every day. The lives of the students to whom you give your utmost passions, sincerity, and time to are now relying on your sincere service. Only those with noble hearts, selflessness, and willingness to set examples who are worthy to truly involve their life within this profession. Beyond material security, national appreciation, and good future prospects, pursuing a career as a teacher means to fulfill the essence as a human for others.

What does “a human for others” mean?

It means that you involve yourself in the mission to create difference within others’ lives. This culminates in the arts of service which encompasses within sharing, providing, and creating. These three aspects intertwine with each other in the special duty as a teacher! 

Firstly, by sharing, it means that teachers selflessly share their knowledge to be distributed equally. As an educator, the main purpose is to make all the students be prepared enough to face the life challenges at the present, as well later, in the future. Within this case, not everyone has the same capacity and grounded heart to share their knowledge and intelligence – let alone taking it as a daily professional route. Thus, it is not wrong to say that the profession of teachers is exceptionally phenomenal! Beyond the mere aspect of knowledge, they also share ideas, experiences, and virtue that might inspire and stimulate the younger generation to engage with. It is also worth noting that the dynamic here does not occur in one way; the students also contribute to the sharing of their fresh and valuable point of view, so that a healthy and equal exchange truly occurs between a teacher and his/her students!

Secondly, by providing, you are taking part in the provision of the national education scheme. In a country which consists of heterogeneous populations who live spreadly in many different forms of regions, it might be rather trickier to pursue the national goal of education. Especially, due to the fact that every province has its own distinct infrastructure availability. This inequality is indeed a thing that needs to be addressed within our educational system. Within this situation, therefore, the role of human resources became more prominent at the front-line. Teachers are very much needed in the midst of lack and challenges in education. For those who still think on how to give their parts to the country, being a teacher is indeed a great calling!

Last but not least, the sense of creating. It might be correlated with what Soekarno once said:

Give me 1000 old men, I will undoubtedly rip Semeru from its root, give 10 youths, I will undoubtedly shake the world.” 

When a teacher spends their time and life-calling for the younger generation, there is always a sincere hope and optimism towards their students to be the next world’s agent of change. A good teacher knows that every student who sits inside their classroom, has an equal chance and capacity to be the next conceptor, innovator, and change-maker in the future. They understand that it does not always have to be done in a massive way as long as it is purposeful – because small things matter. This is the point where we realize that the job as a teacher is truly crucial for the bigger aims of humanity. Even though not directly, they will always constantly contribute to that urged creation of a better world.

With all the virtues involved and the benefits available, whether in the form of material or non-material aspects, have you taken a step back to consider your  life-calling as a teacher? It’s never too late to start your journey as a teacher to fulfill the noble purpose to be a human for others.

As Project Child Indonesia believes that ‘everyone can do good’!