Tunawisma yang Masih Berkembang di Indonesia

Written by Shania Amalia Hafta, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia Homeless atau disebut sebagai tunawisma merupakan kasus yang masih harus diperhatikan. Walaupun Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) menyatakan, jumlah penduduk miskin Indonesia pada September 2021 mengalami penurunan, tetapi status ini masih ditemukan di sekitar kita. Peristiwa Tunawisma di Indonesia Dilansir dari Kompas.com, pada 16 […]

Young Generation in Preserving Batik

The role of young generation in preserving batik is very important. Way that we can do to celebrated national batik to use batik, as a form of appreciating Indonesian batik culture. Did you know the influence of national batik day celebration? With the celebration of batik, it can have an impact on the global community. […]

Mengembalikan Perspektif Sungai Bersih dan Sehat Anak-Anak

Written by Amaranila Nariswari, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia Sejak tahun 2011 lalu, pemerintah Indonesia menetapkan tanggal 27 Juli sebagai Hari Sungai Nasional dan secara resmi mencantumkannya dalam Pasal 74 Peraturan Pemerintah No. 38 Tahun 2011. Harapannya, dengan adanya Hari Sungai Nasional ini, masyarakat akan lebih peduli terhadap kebersihan lingkungan sungai-sungai yang ada […]

Project Child Indonesia Collaborates with the Alumni Grant Scheme

Written by Fitri Nurrahmawati, Grant Researcher Intern at Project Child Indonesia The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous impacts to various sectors, including education. The distance learning policy that was implemented at the beginning of March 2020 forced more than 60 million students all over Indonesia to study from home in order to avoid virus transmission. […]

Eradicating Poverty: How Are We Going to Do It?

Written by Nathaniel Alvino Risa Prima, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia Each day, we encounter the familiar scene of people, old and young, roaming the tips of traffic intersections as vehicles were stopped for traffic signs. They are holding used cups, asking for little money: some coins. While thick dust tints their clothes […]

Why Diverse Representation in Media Matters

Living in a modern world of globalization and digitalization, we’re constantly exposed to various media such as movies, TV shows, and books, from all parts of the world. But in all the media you’ve consumed, how often do you see an accurate depiction of yourself? How often can you pick out a character from a cast and be able to relate to their identity or cultural background? In this article, let’s talk about diverse representation and why it matters in the media.

A Simple Tutorial to Turn Our World Into a Better Place

Recently, we are being fed with a bunch of bad news from all across the world – whether it is from social media, online news platforms, or television. It seems as if complex issues like war, violence, natural calamities, societal disorder, political issues etc. keep coming in for humanity’s neck and there is no clear end. Often, it’s like we are trapped in the midst of a state that we do not even deeply understand: how and why they keep occurring.

PCI Talks: LinkedIn 101

Written by Vina Dina Fitriana, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia You may already be familiar with LinkedIn, a social media platform used for searching professional networking. Through this platform, you can find a job and there’s a chance you might be recruited by the employers from LinkedIn. However, how to maximize our LinkedIn account […]

PCI Feature: About Project Child Indonesia Internship and Volunteer Program

Written by Vina Dina, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia This is the last month of Project Child Indonesia’s Internship Program Batch 32.  And yaa! As you expected, Internship and Volunteer Program Batch 33 will be opened soon! Project Child Indonesia is going to open registration for the next batch in around July for the […]

PCI Talks: Gender Equality for Every Child in Indonesia

Written by Dara Ayu Ariane, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia Gender equality can still be quite hard to achieve, especially when it comes to educational opportunities. Project Child Indonesia realizes this issue and has been actively trying to help mitigate it. On May 24th, 2021 the NGO held another webinar featuring Rezki Satris, […]