Should Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities Bear Children?

Written by Amaranila Nariswari, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia If you’re into controversial ideas, maybe you’ve heard people talking about how individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) should not be allowed to bear children. Some say they tend to have a lower ability to develop skills needed for day-to-day survival like communication and interpersonal […]

5 Recipes to Make Your New Year’s Eve Special

New Year’s Eve is one of the things that everyone is waiting for. But, because the pandemic is still roaring around the world, we can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve like we used to. Read this if you’re looking for some fun things to do while spending the last day of 2021. Enjoy!

4 Heartwarming Movies For The End-Year

Happy holiday, fellas! Have you planned any certain activities for the rest of this season? If you haven’t, watching movies together with your loved ones might certainly be a great option! As the weather may get really cold and wet, you’d better take your blanket and get a warm seat! And don’t forget to update your movie list, too, okay? If you haven’t done it yet, we’re here to help you with some recommendations! Enjoy!

Family as the Safe Place for Children

Family is the most fundamental element of our society. It can be said that life begins in the family, for example, we learn how to write, to speak, or to behave. It has been proven that children acquire a variety of experiences in varied family situations by participating in various activities and are constantly exposed to a range of influences and expectations from the people with whom they live

Raising Happier and Healthier Child: What is the Best Parenting Style?

Written by: Louis Budiman, Grants Researcher Intern Project Child Indonesia Family is a fundamental and primary agent of socialization for every human being to grow. Creating a happy, healthy, and safe family environment for children requires a proactive role by parents. To achieve this, good parenting is essential and the very basic aspect that shapes […]