World Water Day 2021: Valuing Water, Preserving Life

Written by Safira Tafani Cholisi, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia Although we consume and use it every day, sometimes it is easy to forget the importance of water in our life. Water is not only a resource to keep us hydrated or to clean our bodies as well as household necessities, but it also […]

Drinking Water Program: Project Report

Written by Graciella Stephanie Ganadhi, Content Writer Project Child Indonesia Water and sanitation have been a significant issue for Indonesians, especially for those who are living in remote areas. Most of the time, the quality of water is not safe enough for humans to drink. Survey shows that 67.1% out of 940 households have e. […]

Standardisasi Kualitas Air Menurut Dinas Kesehatan dan Dinas Lingkungan Hidup

Pada tanggal 10 Juli 2019, PCI kembali mengadakan sosialisasi Drinking Water Program bersama 5 sekolah mitra baru yaitu SD Cokrokusuman, SD Sayidan, SD Karangmulyo, SD Ngupasan dan SD Wirosaban yang juga dihadiri 22 perwakilan sekolah mitra lainnya maupun 3 perwakilan oleh Dinas Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Dinas Lingkungan Hidup dan Dinas Kesehatan Kota Yogyakarta.

Standardization of Water Quality According to the Health & Environmental Services

The awareness towards water as the essential substance for human survival has become the foremost reason to the Drinking Water Program establishment which has been carried out since 2016 to several schools by Project Child Indonesia– as well as a tangible evidence of supporting towards implementation of the 6th goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which ensuring the availability of clean water, achieving universal access to basic sanitation at every level of society in 2030.

World Water Day 2019: “Leaving no one behind”

Billions of people are still living without safe water, struggling to survive. Marginalized groups are often overlooked and heavily affected by discrimination as they try to access the safe water they need. World Water Day 2019 tackles the reasons why people are left behind.

Green Teachers of Today: Towards a Green Generation of Indonesia

A seminar and workshop by PCI with the mission of promoting better environmental education With the current condition of the earth, it has become increasingly important that we teach the younger generation to understand and care for the environment. It is essential that children nowadays grasp the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle- otherwise the […]

Investment in Health and Nutrients is Investment in Education

“Education is an important instrument of peace and development.” Education has always been the key role in the development of human race and civilization, through the refinement of collective ideas that is learned and relearned through education. Advancement of economic and social progress has always been ascribed to the abundant stock of knowledge that nations […]