Pasar Mandiri: Giving to Empower the Community to be Actively Involved in Education

The idea of Pasar Mandiri (Sustainable Market) is to involve the community in improving the education of children in the area where we worked. Project Child received a lot of second-hand clothes donation every year, and giving the second-hand clothes to our community is not a good idea because most of the times it is very hard to make sure the donation goes to someone in needs. People would take everything they want since it was free goods, even though they don’t need it. Instead of giving it directly to the community, we sell it at an affordable price so the people only take the only things they needed.

Project Child comes up with an idea to sell the second-hand clothes to our community with very affordable price, ranging from IDR 1.000 (USSD 0.01) to IDR 5.000. So our community member would be able to buy all the things that they need. All of the money goes to the educational field-trip, decided by our student themselves. Project Child started this event on 2014 with help from Young Leaders Indonesia and Indorelawan.

Within March 2017 Project Child Indonesia held 2 Pasar Mandiri event in our Sekolah Sungai in Winongo and Code, Yogyakarta. Almost 100 people were being involved in Pasar Mandiri. We would like to thank all of our kind donors and volunteers for making this program possible.

If you wanted to donate your secondhand clothes, please contact us at