Independence Day of Indonesia

Independence day has been a big celebration in almost every part of society and region. From the nation to the smallest community, we’re all joining the celebration. Every year the celebration in our communities is something we always looking forward to, for it is a good occasion for us to connect more with the people and bring the spirit of togetherness. As Project Child Indonesia work along 3 communities in Yogyakarta: Winongo, Code, Gajah Wong, we are delighted to join the celebration within the communities.

We tried to participate in the events by giving a set of presents such as school supplies and toiletries in all of the community we work with. The communities had already plan the events for the celebration which involved every part of the community: children, the youth, mothers, fathers, and even the elderly.

Furthermore, in Code, PCI join the event as a judge for singing competition and also drawing competition. Variety range of age group join the singing competition, and fiercely have a battle during the contest. It was a fun night to work with the people in Code. Meanwhile the drawing competition is held for the kindergarten children to show their creativity through arts. Both of the events arranged by the communities are successfully gather the community attention to join the event and to connect within their own community.

Last but not least, PCI with Code community held a cooking competition. The event was a success with 5 teams of participant from the community. “Healthy food for the family” was the big theme of the event, as in our community we always teach the children about the importance of healthy food. During the event, we provide the fresh ingredients for the fried rice menu, with no artificial seasoning and processed meat. Therefore, the event was the campaign for the healthy food to encourage families to eat healthier food by providing fresh ingredients for the the daily meals.