First Classes in Pacitan

In June 2015, we successfully started lessons for the children in Pacitan! Around 30 interested and curious kids from the neighbourhood appeared in front of our yellow office. The class took place in the open space in front of the office where the kids usually play basketball because we wanted to start the lessons as soon as possible and Sekolah Pantai won’t be open until August. Many parents were watching us interested and we had the chance to speak to them and introduce ourselves and our plans as well.

Chica, our volunteer from Japan brought creativity and material from her home country, so we made dreamcatchers with the children. With some patience, explanation and help, every child could take one self-made dreamcatcher back home in the end. We all had a lot of fun and for the children, the mixture of handcrafting and english-vocabulary was a successful start full of laughter, that Project Child will offer in Pacitan from now on.

The following day there was a big demand and a lot of children came early, well prepared with note books. Despite initial shyness we were able to see how good the general english-knowledge already is and how we therefore will continue the classes. At the end of the class, some enthusiatic children stayed longer to create a second dreamcatcher or to have a chat with us. We are thankful for this wonderful start in Pacitan and we are looking forward for everything that will come.

first classes in pacitan