Enhancing Your Personal Growth through Webinars

Written by Felya Amaraputri Andhini, Social Media Admin at Project Child Indonesia

The Coronavirus disease undoubtedly has affected every human activity. It was not easy to adapt when we were so used to doing everything face-to-face, but now we are forced to do it in front of our laptop or phone. For a lot of people, including me, shifting those activities online can make us slowly lose our social skills. There will also be obstacles when it comes to developing ourselves because of the unsupporting circumstances. Whereas when we can do things that require us to interact with people face-to-face, developing our personal growth can be easier. 

However, since we are living in a world where everything can be accessed through the internet, we can always learn how to upgrade ourselves through many platforms. Social media has provided us with many contents that we can watch, read, or listen to. But it still doesn’t erase the fact that people cannot interact with the speaker freely. Sure, we can leave comments but there is a chance it won’t be replied to right away or even be replied to at all.

That is why nowadays, many companies or instances that are holding an online event, such as a webinar that aims to spread awareness about certain issues or provide a platform for people to develop their skills. Webinars allow us to interact with other people in real-time and even ask questions to the speaker. Certainly, joining such an event online won’t give us the same vibe or excitement when we attend it face-to-face. However, rather than looking at the downside of it, why don’t we see it as a blessing instead?

Now you might be wondering, how is that a blessing?

Well, for starters, since webinars are conducted online, it means that they will be easier to access. As I stated earlier, our world revolves around the internet, therefore we can easily find information about webinars since companies will most likely advertise it on social media. Other than that, there are plenty of webinars that talk about different things that we can choose based on our needs, from leadership to time management, we can find and join them all!

If we happen to have money, we can also join a webinar that has many more benefits than the usual ones. For example, there is a more private webinar where a mentoring session is provided. This way, we can learn more about the topics we are interested in directly from reliable sources. 

However, free webinars are also available and it is no less beneficial than the paid ones. To give you an example, Project Child Indonesia has an event called PCI Talk. PCI Talk is a free monthly webinar event that you can join if you want to develop your skills or gain any useful knowledge. In the previous PCI Talks, we have had discussions on how to build empathy, develop our leadership skills, and even digital marketing skills. Isn’t that interesting?

For those of you who are interested in free webinars that could help enhance your skills, you could always stay tuned on our instagram so you won’t miss out on any information about the next PCI Talk! 

Come and grow with us!