Charity Run of the Anne-Frank high school Rheinau

On the 19th of December 2014, it was Marvin Kiefer’s pleasure to personally introduce Project Child and our project ‘Sekolah Sungai’ to the Anne-Frank high school in Rheinau Germany. During the school’s closing event before the Christmas holiday, the donation from the school to Project Child was officially handed over, and Marvin introduced what we are planning to implement in Indonesia with their support.

This summer, the 400 high school students organized a charity run during which they collected the incredible sum of 5.728,26 Euro. Project Child will use this donation to build a community building and classroom on the site of the beach school in Pacitan, as soon as the wet season ends in spring 2015. This community center and classroom, which will offer enough space for up to 50 people, is part of the proposed learning centre, and will include a library and pc work stations. Furthermore, this space will be used by teachers to prepare the classes that will be held not only at the centre itself, but also in more outer lying communities across the region of Pactian.

The Project Child team, also representing the children, wishes to thank the students for their superb commitment to help to improve education for the children of Pacitan. Additionally, we wish to thank all the regional sponsors who supported the charity run.

We are proud to have such an ambitious partner in the Anne-Frank high school, who Have chosen to assist with the development of Project Child and our work with the people of Indonesia in the long term.