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Sekolah Pantai Action for National Waste Awareness Day

Written by Asdinar Galuh, Sekolah Pantai Volunteer of Project Child Indonesia

National Waste Awareness Day or “Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional” was appointed at the first time in 2006 by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry and commemorated in every 21st February. Indonesia has always been a waste emergency from year to year. This is growing concern that is capable of causing natural disasters and disease. Therefore, National Waste Awareness Day is great opportunity to take action for everyone in Indonesia. Through the small things and also realizing about how dangerous the waste is, with a real action has become the efforts to repair the damage that is happening on this earth.

It is considered more meaningful and more important than a million quotes and proverbs without an action. The words about caring for the waste will have no effect and meaning without tangible effort. Sekolah Pantai, one of the Program in Project Child Indonesia (PCI), take a real effort by joining clean-up at Pancer Door Beach in 29th February 2020. The event entitled “RISE ABOVE YOUR PLASTIC” presented by Pacitan Surf Club (PSC) that collaborated with organizations and community groups in Pacitan. PCI supported the event not only by joining the clean-up but also provides free drinking water and the organizer provides free tumbler for anyone who is thirsty during the event. They are allowed to take and to fill as much water as they wanted. A dark brown donation receptacle made of bamboo is also placed next to drinking water for the people who want to donate money to do virtue.

This event is followed by 22 kids of Sekolah Pantai, 10 parents and 14 PCI team members. The participants are not only from Sekolah Pantai, but also the people from another organization, the residents near the shore, the fishermen, even some foreign tourists. It can be seen from the faces of children who are very enthusiastic to intervene to clean the beach. They are eager to collect many kinds of rubbish and put them in white sacks. In addition, Sekolah Pantai also contributes to the campaign about the awareness and our concern keeping the environment out of the waste and to save our world from the damage. The materials for our campaign are made from rubbish and unused goods. Basically, the kids of Sekolah Pantai understand and care so much about the importance of protecting the environment. They also listen to explanations about the rubbish they had just cleaned while learning about the kinds of rubbish and how long it becomes degraded.

The presence of National Waste Awareness Day is meant to enable us to make a concerted effort to reduce waste. We should celebrate it, but it all depends on us. We don’t have to wait for a year to clean up our environment, do we? We can clean up our community every day. Because, keeping our neighborhood clean is definitely important. So, what are we waiting for? Just Do It. We all are responsible to save this world and to make it better for our future generations.

OurOcean 2018 Conference

Project Child Indonesia partook in Our Ocean Conference held in Bali on 29 and 30 October 2018. Started in 2014, Our Ocean Conference’s main objective is generating commitments and taking actions to maintain the sustainability of our oceans. Our Ocean Conference 2018 gathered participants from countries around the world to ensure diverse perspectives from various ocean stakeholders, including prominent figures from various sectors who will influence concrete and actionable commitments to preserve the oceans’ health.

The oceans hold the promise of our future. However, the oceans are under immense threat as an impact of detrimental human activities. Marine pollution, bleaching coral reefs, raising sea temperature, and unsustainable fishing continues to occur. Illegal activities such as human trafficking in fishing operation, wildlife trafficking, as well as arms and drugs smuggling also risks the ocean indirectly. It is our choice to choose the kind of legacy we leave for future generations, therefore the theme Our Ocean, Our Legacy is chosen to reflect our commitment to preserve our oceans as a heritage presented for our children and grandchildren.

The event consisted of plenary meeting, exhibitions, and Our Ocean, Our Legacy Youth Leadership Summit. During the conference, participants are encouraged to announce their commitments as it critically contributes towards global efforts to preserve the oceans’ health. The conference also tracked past commitments and encourage new commitments and partnership that deliver multiple objectives.

The 2018 Our Ocean conference focused on 6 areas which are marine protected areas, climate change, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, sustainable blue economy, and maritime security. Project Child Indonesia as one of the participants in Our Ocean Conference 2018 took part to tackle the issues of marine pollution.

Since 2014, Project Child Indonesia has been actively campaigning against single plastic use mainly through Drinking Water Program, as well as other programs such as Sekolah Sungai and Sekolah Pantai. By means of education Project Child contributes in reducing plastic trash threatening our ocean, and introducing environmental awareness to younger generations who will inherit the role of protecting the future of our planet.

Sekolah Pantai – First Meeting

On Saturday, July 29th 2017, Project Child Indonesia had successfully conducted the first meeting of Sekolah Pantai in Pacitan, East Java. After two years of preparation and almost a year of construction, the school building had finally been ready to use. The school, located in Pancer beach Pacitan, comprises an open-space classroom, an office building, a kitchen, a sanitary facility, a playing field, a campfire site, and a chill out area, making the school a sufficient and comfortable place for children to learn and explore.

Around 30 students from the neighborhood showed up in the first class, bringing along their curiosity and enthusiasm. The first meeting was intended to get the children to know each other and also the volunteers, therefore we had prepared some introductory and ice-breaking games. The games were delivered in both Indonesian and English and we could start to see how good their English vocabulary is. We had a class full of energetic group activities from 3 PM to 5 PM, and the children were very excited to join all of them. The activities took place in both the classroom and the sports field. The wide school area allowed the children to move around freely, thus they seemed to love the space! Some of the children even stayed longer after class to play some sports with the volunteers.

The volunteers also did a wonderful job delivering the class. There was a total of 15 volunteers and staffs helping out in this first meeting, consisting of local staffs and volunteers from Pacitan, Yogyakarta, and foreign staffs and volunteers from Germany.  By the end of the class, we could already engage well with the previously shy children. We could also see the parents’ interest. Some dropped their children off, encouraging them to join the class, and some stayed in the school area throughout the class session to watch their kids with joy. It seemed like this first meeting was a pleasant experience for everyone involved, signifying a positive start for this program.

We are hoping to see a great future from Sekolah Pantai, that will allow us to reach our goal to impact the communities in Pacitan.

Written by Margareta Danastri