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4 Heartwarming Movies For The End-Year

Written by Nathaniel Alvino Risa Prima, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year has been a really tough fight for each of us, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its corollaries. For some, staying productive might not be the peak priority and that’s totally okay! Instead, the most important thing is that you have gotten through all the challenges. Kudos for that and thank you very much for surviving!

Well, in the other news, we now arrive at the other side of the year: the holiday season!

Some might have been lucky enough to meet and gather with their families and other loved ones, while some have to remain away due to the personal responsibilities and pandemic policies. Wherever you are and whatever you are up to currently, I only wish you peace, happiness, and comfort! 

For many, spending time in front of a big-screen to watch movies would bring happiness and recreation – even, to the degree of personal liberation. Thanks to technology and digital advancement, there are so many platforms and types of entertainment that one could find easily nowadays. You can even watch cinematic works through your very own laptop! 

Therefore, in the current opportunity, I’ll provide you with some great movie recommendations to get yourself through this cold, rainy season. Most of them might not be the freshest nor the most popular, though. But trust me, they would do justice to spark your joy and imagination, as well as bringing warmth within! 

Minari (Lee Isaac Chung, PG-13, 2020, 1h 55m)

(Source: IMDB, 2021)

If you are around with your family during this holiday, then Minari (2021) is a must-go! Telling the story of Korean Americans who moved from South Korea to Arkansas, the movie highlights the intimate relationship as well as internal turbulence of a diaspora family: Jacob, Monica, Anne, David, and Soonja. Unlike most modern Korean families who rely on corporated services, trade, and industry in either East Coast or West Coast, Yi’s family hangs their lives on the future of farming in the isolated Southern town named Ozark. 

The cinematic piece denotes the struggle faced by first generation immigrants in the foreign land which includes the question regarding one’s belonging and identity, with family as its main theme. Starring Steven Yeun, Yeri Han, Noel Cho, Alan S. Kim, and Yuh-Jung Youn, Minari (2021) would bring you to a type of emotional trip that is rather tranquil in notion. Through the beautiful delivery and warm setting of Arkansas farmland, it’s indeed a good companion through the cold, rainy weather. 

Luca (Enrico Casarosa, PG, 2021, 1h 35m)

(Source: IMDB, 2021)

Some movies are meant to surprise the audience for a short term, and while the others leave a certain impression that lasts long. Luca (2021) is one of the laters!

No one would get bored while being brought to the warm and serene setting of Southern Italy – with clear ocean, vespa, and pasta! Depicted through attractive animations by Pixar, the movie revolves around the story of friendship between Luca, Alberto, and Giulia. 

Under what appears as ‘typical’, there is a little secret between the three: they are coming from two different worlds. Thus, their friendship is being truly examined. Would Luca, Alberto, and Giulia be able to jump across the fence and remain together as they’re always meant to be? Nothing could explain better than watching the piece yourself! If you are away from your family, Luca (2021) would certainly fit to be watched with your close friends! 

Tick, Tick… Boom (Lin Manuel Miranda, PG-13, 2021, 1h 55m)

(Source: IMDB, 2021)

Well, well, if you love watching movies with musical scores, then Tick, Tick… Boom (2021) should be on your refreshed list! In the other news, it’s a one in a million occasion to encounter the ex-Spiderman, Andrew Garfield’s singing, right?

Departing from the real lives of Broadway legend, Jonathan Larson, the piece highlights the “Bohemian” lives that an artist has been put through, in order to reach their goals. The cold and catastrophe nuance of The Big Apple would help the audience to get a closer look to the darker side in the lives of creative and artistic individuals. It also intertwines with the early-AIDS pandemic in the 1980’s which heavily affected many lives and futures.. 

If you are a real dreamer whose dream is not perceived as worthy enough by the society you currently live in, then this movie might get you in a good, emotional cry! 

Flipped (Rob Reiner, 2010, PG, 1h 30m)

(Source: IMDB, 2010)

Unlike common coming-of-age stories, Flipped (2010) revolves around the two eighth-graders in the 1950’s. The two protagonists, Bryce and Juli, were destined to encounter each other’s presence along the high sycamore tree which grows in the middle of an American suburb.

The heartwarming part about the movies would be the relationship surrounds the lives of young teenagers – when digitalization and technology advancement were not as apparent as nowadays; the scene of school, neighborhood, family, and front yard would let the viewers to take a step into the depth of American golden era in the post-World War II. It’s a kind of movie which would make you smile warmly throughout due to the cute little things! 

Hmm, now, are you ready to grab your snacks and do some binge-watchings?

Well, if you have any other suggestions, don’t forget to put them on your lists. Make it a long one. During this special holiday, spend as many times as possible with some good stuff to watch with your loved ones.

Don’t forget to stay warm and healthy throughout this end year as the weather might be out of control. It’s really cold and rainy outside. Please relax and take a break from everything for a while. You deserve all of the comforts and warmth.

Happy holiday and take care!


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Hello me! Let’s be Friend

Written by Nindy Silvia Anggraini, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia 

I was born as a social being. Interacting with other people has become a demand even before I was born. In my toddler, mother and father taught me how to speak, the purpose of which was to establish communication with them. As I grew up, I was introduced to a wider environment. The school requires me to socialize, interact, and make friends with those around me. People say, at least we must have one friend who will always be there for us to survive. Where we share stories, complain, laugh, cry, do many things together. People said we can’t live alone. People said life will be lighter when shared. Therefore I was demanded from childhood to always be kind in front of many people. Gathering people who can be my “friend” so that I didn’t get lonely. I try to hold my ego to be able to apply the value of the “each other” words in a friendship. Share, understand each other, love each other, everything is reciprocal. But do you mind if I think a little weird and different from you all?

I admit that I am a social being who needs others to survive. But don’t forget the fact that humans are also individual beings with their interests and difficulties. I am me with my own troubles, pleasures, responsibilities, and rights. In my opinion, how deep we build a friendship or whatever it is, in the end, we will fight on our own behalf. I don’t really into the basic value of “each other” words in friendship. I know that my friends have their own problems and excitement, and I think i don’t need to add to the burden of thinking about the problem I have. No, that doesn’t mean I censure the value of that beautiful friendship. I cherish it when there is someone who always cheering for my joy and crying along with my sadness. But doesn’t it means that I also have to do the opposite to “repay” their services? This is where my problem starts. I was too absorbed in my duties as a friend. No, I’m Not pretending to be attentive, but I feel that I worry too much about people around me and forget about myself struggling alone.

But it’s never too late for this. I have to be able to endure the label of a social being as well as an individual being. I am grateful for the presence of my friends. They were very helpful to my difficult times and they were also happy in my happy times. But from now on I will start to befriend myself. Understanding, appreciating, caring for, and caring for myself who have struggled through the days after days that I could not even predict the good and bad. Thank you for always surviving in all circumstances, happy friendship day, myself!