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COVID-19 Attracts Domestic Violence

Written by Graciella Stephanie Ganadhi, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia

COVID-19 is a nightmare for the human race. With everyone advised to stay at home, the pandemic slows down every aspect imaginable in our lives. The economy collapses, social life becomes non-existent, and the only place where people are allowed to gather is the hospital. However, with the rising number of corona patients, the number of victims of domestic violence is also rising.

Everyone is coped up at home, stuck inside without many outlets to channel their stress. Rising economic pressure with almost zero way out adds on to the individual stress, even more so for a family with a lot of mouths to feed. The fathers, the one who provides financial support in indonesian nuclear families, are in a lot of pressure due to the pandemic these days. Often, the pressure translates into various domestic violence against their wives and children.

Wives are expected to be the one taking care of the households and children. During the pandemic, many women have to take the responsibility to be teachers for their children whose school is halted. Besides, they still have to cook, clean, and do chores around the house which take more than 3 hours of their time daily, 4 times more what it takes for men. However, the rising prices of food and daily necessities due to the collapsing economy during the pandemic has made many women unable to take care of their household properly. This resulted in conflicts between husbands and wives, then escalated to violence.

In Indonesia, there are 319 new violence cases reported during the pandemic, two-thirds of it are domestic violence with the wives as victims. In 3 months alone, from March to June, the number of domestic violence victims are already more than half of those reported during 2019. These constantly rising cases made many NGO focuses on women empowerment and protection went into frenzy because there are just so many women that need immediate help, but are hesitant to go forward due to fear of social judgement. Even if they want to file a case against their abuser, usually they are being held back by family members because being a victim of domestic violence is seen as something shameful.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and are trying to seek justice for your case, you can contact various NGO that are willing to help you such as LBH APIK, Komnas Perempuan, and Rifka Annisa. You can also help to spread awareness of domestic violence by joining the 16 Days  of Activism held by the United Nations. The campaign simply asks you to post contents in your social media using contents provided here: https://trello.com/b/2n3wcRVJ/16-days-of-activism-2020 along with the hashtags  #GenerationEquality #orangetheworld #16days and #spreadtheword. Easy, right? Do it and be part of the change, good people!

Everyone Can Do Good

Written by Graciella Stephanie Ganadhi, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesia

Kindness should be a basic trait that everyone possesses. It should be the basis of human’s thought, utterance, and action. Unfortunately, that’s a utopia. In reality, our world is cruel and savage. Sometimes, hatred wins more often than kindness. Worry not though! Our world works sometimes and somehow like folklore too. No matter how hard the evil tries to wreak havoc, goodness always wins. That’s what we, as a society, needs to believe in as we celebrate World Kindness Day.

World Kindness Day is celebrated globally on November 13th every year. With the purpose of highlighting the good deeds in the community, World Kindness Day reminds us to focus on the positive power of kindness that bound us together as a community.

Project Child Indonesia, as an NGO, aims to spread kindness by raising funds for several projects including Sekolah Sungai, especially the newly-found project: Online Learning Assistance. The program itself consists of 50% online classes and 50% offline classes that are held within the boundaries of current health protocol of COVID-19. The program aims to help underprivileged children in Yogyakarta, especially the ones that are already joining Sekolah Sungai. Along with PT. XL Axiata, Tbk., Project Child Indonesia has been able to provide, not only much needed teaching assistance, but also the internet data package for those children to access the online material for the online classes.

As per Project Child Indonesia’s motto: Everyone Can Do Good, World Kindness Day resonates the most with us as an NGO. We believe that kindness can be spread in many forms, from small acts of kindness to a grand act of philanthropy. We, as an organization, were able to help 80 children that are part of the Online Learning Assistance, but that’s just us. If you’re willing you can spread kindness too! Start small, but do it with honesty. If you do it right, kindness can go a long, long, long way!

Berbagi Kehidupan Melalui Donor Darah

Ditulis oleh Graciella Stephanie Ganadhi, Content Writer Intern Project Child Indonesoa

Darah sering disebut sebagai sumber kehidupan. Darah mempunyai fungsi penting untuk mengedarkan oksigen ke seluruh tubuh kita sehingga organ-organ tubuh kita bisa berfungsi dengan baik. Jika kelancaran aliran darah kita terganggu seperti dalam kasus hiperkoagulasi yang menyebabkan darah penderita terlalu mudah menggumpal sehingga mereka harus selalu meminum obat pengencer darah untuk memastikan kelancaran peredaran darah. Selain itu, ada penyakit kelainan hemofilia dimana penderita memiliki darah yang sulit membeku sehingga penderita sering membutuhkan transfusi darah jika mereka terluka dan mengeluarkan banyak darah. Tidak jarang para penderita penyakit darah ini memiliki pengalaman yang lebih sulit jika mereka memiliki penyakit lain seperti gagal ginjal dan diabetes dikarenakan gangguan pada darah mereka yang mempersulit proses operasi ataupun perawatan.

Melihat pentingnya fungsi darah dalam hal kesehatan, tentu penanganan sumbangan darah tidak boleh sembarangan. Di Indonesia, Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) adalah penanggung jawab utama dalam hal pendistribusian sumbangan darah dan tentunya memastikan keamanan kantong-kantong sumbangan darah yang didistribusikan. PMI bertanggung jawab untuk menyediakan kantong darah ke rumah-rumah sakit untuk digunakan dalam proses operasi atau penanganan pasien. Sayangnya, selama masa pandemi COVID-19, PMI mengalami kesulitan untuk mengumpulkan sumbangan darah karena adanya pembatasan sosial. Sebagian besar pendonor memilih untuk tidak mendonorkan darahnya selama masa pandemi karena adanya himbauan untuk tidak mengunjungi pelayanan kesehatan jika tidak ada kebutuhan mendesak.

Untungnya, PMI memiliki inisiasi bernama PMI Mobile yang bertujuan untuk memudahkan para pendonor untuk mendonorkan darahnya. Tidak perlu khawatir harus keluar rumah dan terpapar resiko tinggi tertular COVID-19, para pendonor cukup mendaftarkan diri ke PMI lalu PMI akan mengumpulkan pendonor di satu daerah, tentunya dengan mengindahkan peraturan penjarakan fisik dan larangan berkumpul dengan 10 orang atau lebih. Informasi lebih lanjut bisa diakses melalui http://ayodonor.pmi.or.id/mobilemu.php

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Kalau kamu memenuhi syarat untuk mendonorkan darah, yuk langsung saja menyumbang! Sumbangan darahmu bisa berkontribusi penting bagi hidup orang lain lho! Kalau mencatut dari laman PMI, katanya nih: Give Blood, Give Life. Yuk!


Safety and Health at Workplace: No. 1 Priority

Written by Graciella Stephanie Ganadhi, Content Writer Project Child Indonesia

Working from home has been a privilege that not everyone can have. Healthcare workers, government officials, and those whose work are providing services for the general public cannot enjoy such luxury. Healthcare workers have to work to provide quality treatment for those who are sick, especially in this current pandemic. Government officials have to work to ensure quality service in every aspect of its citizens’ life and make sure that the economy is not collapsing. Even several social workers cannot work from home because there are so many people who do not even have homes and cannot care for themselves. 

This year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work is more important than ever. Not only at hospitals, governmental buildings and various public places are at risk of infection spread. Police officers are not having less risk than healthcare workers. Sellers in the marker are not having less risk than government officials. This pandemic threatens us all, regardless of our workplace.

Awareness of safety and health at work demands to be increased as the pandemic becomes more and more life-threatening. As the government, we need to ensure the safety and health of our officials when they come to the workplace. As employers, we need to ensure the safety and health of our employees. Precaution and understanding the same ground rules need to be stated to everyone who works out of the house. If you have to go to work and you feel sick or you feel like you have symptoms of any sickness, please call in sick from work. It is better to be safe than risking infecting others at your workplace. If you own the workplace and you have employees coming in to work, some precaution might be needed. Checking everyone’s temperature and making sure everything is sterile and sanitized can be one of the ways you can prevent the spread of infection in your workplace. Educating your employees on how to stay safe, clean, and healthy is also highly needed. If you have provided all the necessary precaution, but failed to educate your employees of the importance of the precaution’s reinforcement, then the precaution will fail to be effective.

Going to work during this trying time might be difficult. If you have the privilege to stay at home, please do. If you have to go to work, please make sure to stay safe, healthy, and follow all the health instructions. As a part of a society, we can help to put an end to this outbreak. No matter how small and insignificant your contribution to the world right now, if there is something you can do to cut the pandemic chain, please do. Remember to always stay safe and healthy!


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