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COVID-19: Lesson Learned

Written by : Rizki Chairunnisa, Research Intern According to the World Health Organization, the growing number of COVID-19 cases have reached more than 150,000 cases globally by mid-March 2020. In Indonesia, the government first announced the first cases located in Depok, West Java, on March 2, 2020. After that, the number of positive cases grew […]

Sekolah Pantai Action for National Waste Awareness Day

Written by Asdinar Galuh, Sekolah Pantai Volunteer of Project Child Indonesia National Waste Awareness Day or “Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional” was appointed at the first time in 2006 by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry and commemorated in every 21st February. Indonesia has always been a waste emergency from year to year. This is […]

#CeritaVolunteer : Nadhia, Volunteer Sekolah Sungai Batch #29

Oleh : Nadhia Dheany, Volunteer Sekolah Sungai Batch #29 Halo! Aku Nadhia Dheany, aku merupakan salah volunteer #Batch29 di Project Child Indonesia. Aku mengambil Program Sekolah Sungai yang bertepatan di Sungai Gajahwong Yogyakarta. Yang membuat aku tertarik untuk mengikuti kegiatan volunteer di Sekolah Sungai karena selain untuk mengisi waktu aku juga ingin mencari kegiatan baru […]

Terorisme dan Anak-anak

Oleh : Akbar Mohammad Arief, S.I.P., M.Si.Alumni Program studi Kajian Terorisme Sekolah Kajian Stratejik dan Global Universitas Indonesia Generasi muda khususnya anak-anak merupakan generasi penerus masa depan dunia ini, maka dari itu kita semua sebagai warga dunia memiliki peranan penting untuk melindungi masa depan dari anak-anak ini. Pada Konvensi Hak Hak Anak tahun 1989 yang […]

Tantrums in Children: A Wise Way to be Considered

Written by : Sih Pirenaningtyas, Teaching Learning Assessor Sekolah Sungai Gajahwong Have you ever seen children lying on the floor because their parents did not buy them toys? Or have you ever seen children whimpering and crying endlessly when their brother or sister doesn’t obey what the child wants? It is common for these children […]

How Important Character-Building Is: Case of Gajahwong Student

Written by Vanya Gerina Azzahra, Teaching Learning Assessor Project Child Indonesia One of the River School Programs is located on Gajahwong river bank. There was a unique phenomenon of Gajahwong children as a team in charge got to the place for the very first time. Some of the volunteers might have volunteering experience beforehand so […]

How Digital Literacy Can Be Teached on Children

Written by : Mochamad Novritsa Zulfikar The advancement of technology nowadays surely really influence educational sector. Various things in life that relate with education, like interaction model, literacy model, ability of understanding, and psychological aspect are the things that change since the development of technology. Thus, the change of view or educational method should be […]