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Lessons that Should be Taught in School

While subjects like physics and math are important, actually, there are other important lessons that school should provide to give us, as students, knowledge on how to face the real world as we grow older. What kind of lessons and how important are they, exactly? Let’s take a look at some of them!

Project Child Indonesia Collaborates with the Alumni Grant Scheme

Written by Fitri Nurrahmawati, Grant Researcher Intern at Project Child Indonesia The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous impacts to various sectors, including education. The distance learning policy that was implemented at the beginning of March 2020 forced more than 60 million students all over Indonesia to study from home in order to avoid virus transmission. […]

3 Books to Read in 2022

As we’re entering 2022, it’s more important than ever to reconnect with the people around us. And books, while it allows you to see the world, it mostly allows you to roam the mind. So in this article, let’s discover three books that are filled with hope, lessons, and what it means to be connected with people, that might inspire you to make the best out of this brand new year.

Shifting the Way We Live to be Enough

Written by Juhandi Dwi Putra Lyana, Content Writer Intern at Project Child Indonesia When I was in highschool, I saw my friend get an achievement because he won a science olympic. I congratulated him, but deep down I envied his achievement. It could be me. Stephen Covey calls this as Scarcity Mental. It can be […]

New Year, New Me: A “Good” Resolution

2021 has already passed by. Thank you for doing your very best throughout a year that came uneasy. In the celebration of a new year, most people prefer to write a resolution on a paper as a guide through a new period. Most people might wonder: what is resolution? What are the things that make a good resolution?

5 Recipes to Make Your New Year’s Eve Special

New Year’s Eve is one of the things that everyone is waiting for. But, because the pandemic is still roaring around the world, we can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve like we used to. Read this if you’re looking for some fun things to do while spending the last day of 2021. Enjoy!

4 Heartwarming Movies For The End-Year

Happy holiday, fellas! Have you planned any certain activities for the rest of this season? If you haven’t, watching movies together with your loved ones might certainly be a great option! As the weather may get really cold and wet, you’d better take your blanket and get a warm seat! And don’t forget to update your movie list, too, okay? If you haven’t done it yet, we’re here to help you with some recommendations! Enjoy!

Project Child Indonesia and Mercedes-Benz Delivered Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities to 10 Schools in Yogyakarta

Project Child Indonesia initiated the provision of hand washing facilities in elementary schools through the Sanitation and Hygiene Program. We collaborated with Mercedes-Benz in the development process until the handover of hand washing facilities, which was also supported by Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Sleman. These facilities have been handed over to 10 elementary schools in Sleman, […]