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Cancelling Cancel Culture

In this day and age, where so many of our social lives and interactions rely on social media (thus creating a sense of belonging to said social media), there’s a technique used to repent those deemed controversial: being ‘cancelled.’ But what does being cancelled mean? And what is this ‘cancel culture’ that seems to have spread throughout the internet?

All Things You Should Know about “The Peace Bell”

The Peace Bell is displayed in front of the Secretariat Building at New York’s UN headquarters. The bell will ring on the first day of Spring to reaffirm the world’s commitment to peace and environmental stewardship, and on September 21st, to commemorate the International Day of Peace.

A Simple Tutorial to Turn Our World Into a Better Place

Recently, we are being fed with a bunch of bad news from all across the world – whether it is from social media, online news platforms, or television. It seems as if complex issues like war, violence, natural calamities, societal disorder, political issues etc. keep coming in for humanity’s neck and there is no clear end. Often, it’s like we are trapped in the midst of a state that we do not even deeply understand: how and why they keep occurring.

Literasi dan Peran Pemuda Indonesia

Dengan tingkat literasi masyarakat yang rendah, peran pemuda Indonesia menjadi penting untuk meningkatkan tingkat literasi ini. Berikut tiga cara meningkatkan literasi, yaitu banyak membaca, membaca berita hingga selesai, dan memastikan keaslian sumber berita.

Celebrating Sharing: A Glimpse to The Lives of Mother Teresa

Have you ever heard the name “Mother Teresa”? Perhaps, some of you have known about this peculiar phenomenal figure. While for others, the name might still be unfamiliar, instead. To commemorate International Charity Day 2021, let’s dive deeper to figure out together who Mother Teresa really is and her roles in shaping the face of charity and modern humanity!

Why Small Things Matter

Having the ambition to grow, especially to make an impact is a good thing, indeed. But the reason why you are doing that must be changed. We often do those several things to search for validation from others, and this behavior leads us to ignore small things. We undervalued and unappreciated small things, while great things happen with a series of small things and are not done by impulse. Every little thing we do matters and can have an impact. Small things matter.