A Volunteer Perspective: Understanding ‘Everyone Can Do Good’ Motto

A Letter by : Nadia Dewinda Kristanto

Hi! My name is Nadia, I started doing volunteering for about 4 months now. Currently, I am juggling in between two unpaid roles, which both I rejoice investing time, thoughts, and energy in greatly. I am interning as a Community Engagement Coordinator at Project Child Indonesia, and also volunteering as a learning facilitator at an informal alternative school in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Frankly, I am lucky enough to be part of these incredible spaces to grow as I have given wonderful opportunities to develop and serve.

Back in university, I undertook a community service. Although it was mandatory, I genuinely relished the moment and had such an amazing serenity. At which point, I have found community service therapeutic and brings me contentment. I also came across a realization that I like and want to be directly involved. Albeit how blissful it sounds, I ought to keep on reminding myself of my purpose. Questions were popping still, such as “Am I useful enough?”, “Am I doing it within the right place and or with community whichever urgent enough to be assisted?”, “Do all of these matters?”. By chance, I found a fair answer to alleviate that reluctance of mine. 

As luck would have it, I learn so much by being in a process with Project Child Indonesia. I caught up in their motto and how the organization members live up to it. Which fortuitously led me to have faith in contributing to humanitarian aid. ‘Everyone can do good’ is very beautiful yet strongly empowering words of wisdom. According to my interpretation, it taught me to be brave as each of us has the capacity to do good. The “do good” here translates to the context of helping. Along the way on having mutual exchange with Project Child Indonesia, I also began to value help significance as an intangible substance. The utmost humble formation of help is expression to care, thus, there is no measurement when it comes to helping others. Help always matters enough, even the smallest ones, and it should be done genuinely. In Project Child Indonesia, I discover that there are always dreams and hopes if you want to help, and those dreams and hopes are within you.

I wish this piece of writing may give you a little hint on how ‘Everyone can do good’ is the spirit of Project Child Indonesia and how you can inspirit it likewise in helping others.