5 Reasons Why Volunteering is Good for You!

We can all agree that volunteering is a good activity, but how good it actually is to you? Through this brief article, we outline five reasons why volunteering is a perfect choice to do during your spare time in the midst of this urban life.

   1.  It will expand your network

A no-brainer, volunteering will connect you with many people from different backgrounds as well. Good relationships which are based on trust and like-mindedness will eventually provide you with some indispensable professional benefits. For youngsters, volunteering will be a good platform to demonstrate your work ethics in order to advance your career even further.

   2.  It gives you a chance to give back

We all understand that it is getting hard to give back when you live such a busy life. Volunteering brings you a chance to do something beneficial toward your community. You can support the local schools through book donations, you can provide some tutoring, or you can just do some simple cleaning at the local park.

   3.  It enhances your social empathy

Volunteering will expose you to some unpredictable social realities, which you might not expect beforehand. You will engage yourself with different kind of people with different perspectives as well. Therefore, you will become a more open-minded person.

   4.  It is good for your health, too!

Volunteering is healthy for your mental and physical well-being. Mentally, you will gain a sense of achievement by doing something beneficial to others. A research conducted by the UnitedHealth Group states that 76 per cent of people who volunteered in the last 12 months say that volunteering has made them feel healthier. Besides that, a higher rate, 94 per cent, indicate that volunteering has improved their mood. Therefore, volunteering is a win for all.

   5.  Because we believe that everyone “can just do good”

In Project Child, we believe that everyone are blessed with the capability to make the difference. Through volunteering, we can make even the smallest changes for our environment. Just imagine how great it could be when we all have the awareness of our own goodness, then we can build a better world for everyone.


Ario B. Utomo – Media Intern at Project Child Indonesia